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easy way to customise clothes

a basic tee is my go-to daytime outfit with jeans, i've always been a casual dresser so it's right in my comfort zone and hey it's a bit of a classic right? i'm always looking for the 'perfect' fit so when i found a few in topshop last week i stocked up for the summer.

when i got them home i decided to personalise one of them with all the badges i bought when i was in madrid. i had been saving them to customise a backpack but the urge to put cute things on a tee won out. i know customised denim is a big trend this summer so i took some snaps to share the (in-credibly easy) process with you.

how to customise your clothes
easy customised tops


t shirt 

easy craft project- customised fashion

1. grab your badges (mine are from here) and lay them onto your tee. decide on an arrangement you like and pin them in place. 

2. try on the tee and make sure they look ok before you go any further!

3. once you're certain about the placement, lay the tee flat, remove the pins and put a damp cloth over the badges. follow the instruction for your iron on badges, apply the heat in bursts until the patches are secure. if you don't have iron on badges simply sew them into place with a needle and thread. 

how to customise clothes

easy peasy! i went for a summer theme with mine, perfect to wear with cut off denim!

how to customise a t-shirt

i love fun little updates like this, plus it's so easy you could absolutely do it whilst watching netflix- WINNER. would you try something similar?

i have lots of cool DIY's i'm due to start but i'm waiting on materials to arrive so i've been stopping and starting all week which is driving me a little nuts. totally my own fault for ordering things at the last minute.. duh. 

back soon with fun new stuff!

caroline x


  1. Oh this is super cute, such a fab idea! x

  2. Love how cute this turned out!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  3. This looks SO cool - I absolutely love it :) xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  4. I love this!! Cute tee x

    Millie x

  5. Such a quick and easy update to a tee <3 LOVE IT! <3



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