DIY flower bench

how to build a simple bench

this weekend i tacked a project i'd been planning for a while- a simple flower bench for the garden. after installing decking, building our shed and turfing the lawn last year we're really just adding those finishing touches this summer- mostly areas to display flowers and grow some herbs!

after receiving my gorgeous KADO flowers a month ago (read about them here.) i wanted to incorporate them into this project. amazingly they're still thriving despite very little assistance from me, just the occasional drink of water when i've remembered!

i thought they would be a great addition so i decided to cut out a section and make the flowers part of the bench. read on and i'll talk you through it..

DIY garden bench

to make the bench i took three pieces of plywood (2x 50x50cm and 1x 100x50cm.) i placed wood glue along the 2 joints then screwed in 4 corner braces underneath to secure. you can see the brackets if you're low to the ground otherwise they're totally out of sight!

i'm not planning on using this bench as a seat, more of a table bench to display my plants- if you want to use it for seating add a few cross beams for stability. to create the flower feature, measure the diameter of your pot and minus 2-3cm. (the circle you cut needs to be slightly narrower than your pot to stop it sliding through the hole!)

mark out the circle onto the bench top and drill a hole through the centre. cut out the circle with a jigsaw to create the hole- place the jigsaw blade into the pilot hole and start cutting.

after you've cut out the circle pop in your plant!

kado flowers DIY
outdoor bench DIY project

these KADO flowers are so vibrant against the wood, i love the pop of lime green from the planter peeking out. i'm really surprised with how well my geraniums are doing, i haven't taken much care of them but there are still dozens of new buds coming through (they really are easy care plants- pow!)

outdoor bench DIY

i'm really pleased with how the bench looks, i was planning to stain it dark but i think the garden may become a bit match matchy so i'll leave it like this. i'll give it a coat of clear varnish this weekend to help protect it against our glorious british weather!

i think it would also work in smaller gardens or balconies- you can adjust the dimensions to suit your space and display your favourite flowers. 

how to make a basic bench

i can finally tick off my first outdoor DIY, yay! i might work on a few more this summer (totally looking for an excuse to work in the garden.) 

if you're a lover of low maintenance gardens you can find KADO flowers in selected Waitrose stores!

back soon

caroline x

*sponsored post with KADO flowers, all opinions and flower love my own!



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