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paper crafts- matchbox tutorial

i'm always buying cute gift wrap with the intention of framing it or using it in a DIY. i have quite the stash in my craft cupboard so i decided to dig into it for this really easy project- DIY matchboxes!
i tend to use matches when i'm lighting candles so i decided to makeover some boxes to store them in- i think these are way nicer than the regular shop bought ones!

matchbox tutorial- paper crafts
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you can pick any size but i love the bigger matches- i don't burn my fingers and they're more fun!

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1. take the outer box sleeve and open it up so it lays flat. mine was glued along one flap so i just prised it open gently. 

(it's much easier to re-cover the matchbox with paper when you take it apart and stick it back together!)

diy tutorial

2. cover the outer side of the matchbox sleeve with a thin layer of craft glue and lay it onto the reverse side of the wrapping paper (smooth out any air bubbles.) once the paper is firmly fixed in place trim around the outside leaving approx 1" of excess paper.

3. wrap the excess paper over and glue down, you can cut a few 'v' shapes so the paper doesn't overlap where the folds are (see image above.) fold the sleeve back into it's original shape and secure with glue.

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4. when the outer sleeve is finished you can tackle the inner tray where the matches sit! cover the base with glue and stick onto your paper. trim around the outside leaving a few inches of excess paper all around. 

5. glue along the outer and inner sides of the tray and fold over your paper as above to cover over the original tray. you'll find it easier to fold over if you make a few snips in the corners of the paper as you work along.

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6. cut a rectangle of paper that's the same dimension as the inside base of your tray, glue in place to cover over the last section and leave to dry.

if you want to use this this box for matches cut out a striker strip from a box of matches and glue it onto one of the sides or the outer sleeve!

DIY matchboxes

fill the try up with matches.. now you have a snazzy personalised box all your own (perfect for those bbq emergencies!)

matchbox diy project
how to make your own matchboxes

you don't have to use this box for matches, it would be also great for storing jewellery or stationery supplies like paperclips!

would you try this?

back soon

caroline x


  1. You always come up with the best DIY projects. I would so do this if I had a box of matches around the house. Sadly I don't so I'll have to appreciate your one :) X


    1. haha thanks so much sheren- that made me smile :)

  2. Love this x

    Millie x

  3. I don't even want to make this for matches. They are super cute pretty boxes, would work great to store hair pins. Thanks for sharing. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  4. Love it! Like Sam's idea of using it for hair pins too.

    Zoe | floral and feather

    1. haha 100% agree- i'm always losing my hair grips :)

  5. YES!!! I've been trying to find, or think of, a cute way to store my Bobby pins for the longest!



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