DIY mini succulent planters

mini succulent planters

apparently i can't stop making planters? it probably stems from my inability to stop buying mini succulents (they're so cute though.) 

i've made mini clay planters before so i figured i'd update them- this time i've gone for a much more tactile finish that's really simple to create. 

air dry clay craft project



i had some little cacti plant pots from ikea that i wasn't that fond of so i decided to use them as the base for the planters. you could also use small plastic plant pots or even old glass candle jars- just make sure you clean them out well first!

clay craft tutorial

1. work the air dry clay until it becomes soft then roll it out until it's large enough to wrap around your small plant pot. 

burkatron mini cacti holders

2. wrap the clay around the pot, trim off the edges and smooth over the joint where the two ends meet- use a little water and the blunt side of a knife to even out the joint.

DIY succulent planters

3. add some texture, i used the round end of a pen to push this pattern into the clay! you could try different designs or shapes. once you've finished leave the pot to dry out.

how to make clay succulent pots

4. for a faux glazed finish i gave my planters a coat of spray varnish. you can skip this step if you like them matte

textured planter tutorial
how to make clay planters

pop in your baby succulents or cacti, i think they look pretty happy nestled in their new crib.

(succulents don't like a lot of water so just give them a light spray when they need it.. the pot inside will keep the clay dry.)

clay craft project ideas
clay planter tutorial burkatron blog
tactile clay planter project

i love how these turned out (and it gives me a good excuse to grab some new plants? send help!)

back soon

caroline x 


  1. I love this! Such a good idea, plus easy as well so for a newbie like me it's less stress free haha. It would be fun to see how many designs you could make, awesome post. Plus who doesn't want more succulents in their life!

    Rai |

    1. i promise no stress- just fun! and i hear you- give me alllll the plants :) xx

  2. Super easy to make! Thank you! I will try ;)
    Desi |

  3. Really love this simple DIY, and I agree, these little plants look amazing sitting in the pots, great post x

    Millie x

    1. thanks so much millie- always so lovely to read your comments! :)

  4. Love how these look! Definitely prefer a varnished/glossy finish~

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


    1. me too- think I'll always do this now! :)

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  6. Looks great! Will try this for my summer flowers :)

    Best wishes,

  7. What a great idea. Never thought of doing this with air dry clay. Think I'll have to try this :)

  8. How cute are they??! And seems such a simple process too! Perfect way to camp up your interiors and add a touch of uniqueness to your home! Love it!!

    Faded Windmills

    1. haha thanks dude! honestly its so fun, i'd literally cover anything in clay lately :)

  9. These are way too cute! Can I use the metal IKEA planters or does it need to be plastic? Thanks for any help! :)

    1. ah thank you! i think metal planters would be fine too! just wrap the clay on well- hope you try them :)

  10. Lovely idea, thanks for sharing! I'm going to give this a go :)

  11. Hello. I made 2 planters around clean, basic food cans. I punched 3 holes in the bottom. It was easy to wrap each in clay and smooth it out. I pushed beads into each for a design and set them on a shelf to dry. Within 24 hours, the beads on each can had fallen off. Not a problem, as I can always glue them. However, the clay on each can cracked horribly and is falling off. I don't understand why or how to prevent it next time. Please help. I was so excited about this craft too.

  12. Heyya, I know this is an old post but approx how much clay did you use for this? I'm wondering how many I could get out of a 500gm pack of clay. Also, do you think it would work, even if I used something a slightly different shape for the pot, like old jars or small glass milk bottles?

  13. These look lovely! Do you think I could get similar results if I would use salt dough over small terra cotta pots (and baked them in the oven)?



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