DIY make up bag

Make up bag DIY @burkatron

todays DIY is one of my faves!

i love to customise stuff, especially with letters, i put them on jackets and gifts to make them more personal. i kinda feel like it's just a fun thing to do.. 

occasionally i'll order in random craft supplies with no particular plan in mind. a while back i bought some canvas bags in various sizes and realised i could make some little make up bags with them... then i found alphabet stickers and this DIY became a reality! 

DIY monogram make up bag @burkatron


customized make up bag @burkatron

1. prepare yourself for the easiest DIY ever.

2. take your patches/badges and decide what word or arrangement you want to use. i decided the word face was super appropriate for my make up supplies! 

3. take your letters and glue them onto the canvas bags using fabric glue. (my letters were self adhesive but this wouldn't last long term so i still used glue to secure them.) leave to dry and fill them with all your fave make up!

if you have iron on letters just follow the instruction on how to apply them!

DIY alphabet bag @burkatron
DIY bag tutorial

you could also use them as pencil cases to stash your stationery!

DIY make up bags

the best part about using letters is that you can also monogram bags, adding initials is a great way to turn these into gifts for your friends and family! they're a great size for travelling too.

DIY canvas make up bag @burkatron

do you like- are you a sucker for novelty bags like me?

back soon!

caroline x


  1. Oh wow, that is so so cute! I love it x

  2. Aww such a simple and cute DIY! LOVE IT! <3

    1. yippee! I loved this project it's so easy :)

  3. These letters are BEYOND adorable!

    1. i thought so too- i actually squealed a little when i found them haha :)

  4. This is so cute!! I love it (and your blog) ! x



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