5 ways to cultivate a happy home

5 ways to make your home happier

being a grown up with responsibilities and bills can really suck, but having a place of your own (rented or owned) can be pretty awesome too. 

being able to have a space that you can make your own, a place to invite your friends over to entertain and somewhere to put down some roots can be exciting! you can make it somewhere kinda great so i started thinking about some of the little things that make me feel happy in my own little pad and i thought i'd share them with you.


i have plants all around my house, it's kinda like a jungle around here sometimes! however you don't need to go OTT like me- some well placed greenery can help bring the outdoors in and create an atmosphere of well being in your home. 

plants help to oxygenate and purify the air in your home, species like spider plants, english ivy, peace lilies, ferns and rubber plants are all easy maintenance and will help rid your home of toxins. so squeeze in a few plants to brighten up your space if you're lacking in the leaf department!

create routines:

allow yourself a little extra time in the morning to leave each room 'ready.' there's no worse feeling than getting home to a messy house in the evening. clutter usually equals stress so create a mood boosting routine that works for you every morning. simple things like making the beds, putting the dishes away and wiping down the kitchen surfaces will all pay off later in the day.

i've been doing this for a while and it massively improves my mood (which definitely makes for a happier home!)


lighting is something that really helps to create ambiance in a home. i rarely have my main lights on as they can be a little harsh. instead opt for smaller lamps on tables, stand up lighting or (my personal favourite) candles. mood lighting helps to set me up for a relaxing evening which usually means i'll sleep better!

if you're looking for candles i highly recommend this range and these too (especially the wild mint.)


last year my brother gave me my first record player- a baby blue crosley. since then i've been slowly building my vinyl collection picking out albums that remind me of happy times, fond memories or great concerts. music can be a real emotional trigger so if I'm feeling a little 'meh' i'll pop on a album guaranteed to help me shake off my funk.

having music in a home is a great way to create a soothing atmosphere, i love to put on a record whilst i'm cooking to create a nice vibe (or just simply blast the radio when i'm singing in the shower!)

personal items:

one thing that makes a home feel good is making it personal. you should always decorate for yourself not for anyone else's taste or style. if you don't connect to the things in your space where is the joy? i love having photographs of my friends and family on the walls, holiday trinkets i discovered with james on my sideboard and items that remind me of special events scattered throughout my home. ultimately a home if a reflection of your personality- don't miss out on the opportunity to express yourself and create a place you cherish.

those are some of simple things that make my home a happier place to live- I could probably add another dozen now I've started to think about it! what would yours be?

caroline x


  1. These are great tips! I definitely need to tidy up before I leave the house, I hate coming home tired and having to move loads of stuff off my bed from where I didn't know what to wear that morning haha x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

    1. haha i throw clothes everywhere too- defo helps to hang them up so I don't come home to chaos ;)

  2. Love this post! And that picture with the plants and record player = my heaven!

    My tip would be try not to clutter every space , having open space makes the place feel bigger, cleaner and just gives off good vibes - least in my case:)


    1. 100% agree! I love decluttering, my head feels so much calmer when it's more minimal :)

  3. i've been thinking about moving out of my parents place now that i'm in uni and stuff, but i'm always scared of living by myself. maybe those few tips will make me feel more at home. thanks! xxx

    1. ah I hope it does help- can be scary living alone but exciting too once you settle in and get used to it- good luck on your adventures :)

  4. I love this post! Lighting is so important and under-appreciated!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  5. Lighting definitely makes all the difference for me, we have huge spacious ceilings being in an old Victorian house in Edinburgh, but being blocked by surrounding buildings is often a downer when you need to have the lights on from 4pm!

    The Little Things | Louise x

    1. haha snap- I'm in an old victorian terrace and omg the winter is so dark! roll on those bright evenings it's like a different house here when it's sunny :)



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