DIY leather magazine holder

DIY leather hanger

i love to hoard magazines, they sit in piles like makeshift tables around the house! if you have a tendency to keep hold of them too you might like this DIY- a simple leather rack to display them.

you can buy these scandi leather straps online but i knew i could make my own version in a few minutes- it's insanely simple. when i built my leather hanging shelf i ordered an extra strap with this project in mind..

DIY leather strap magazine hanger


hammer and nails

DIY leather strap instructions

1. cut your leather strip into 2 pieces (mine are each 25" long)

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2. take a hole punch and punch out two small holes (at opposite ends) that line up together when the strap is folded in half.

how to make a magazine holder

3. hammer a nail through the holes in the strap to secure it to the wall. you can nail straight through the leather if you don't have a hole punch! 

magazine holder DIY
leather strap DIY tutorial

slip your favourite magazines through to display them! i love how minimal and clean they look..

leather magazine holder UK DIY blog
DIY magazine holder

you don't have to use them for just magazines- i think they'd be great in bathrooms for hanging towels or even useful for craft storage!

would you be tempted to try this?

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