DIY painted wicker baskets

DIY painted basket project

todays DIY is easy peasy (cause you're all probably busy eating chocolate -happy valentines!) 

so i've had a thing for baskets this year. mostly because i want more natural textures in my home but also because i'm obsessed with cute storage.
i wanted to give my baskets a dipped effect but they were too wide to fit into my tubs of paint so I hand painted them instead (i was too lazy to buy a bigger container so i cheated.)

paint dipped basket DIY

i think the end result looks the same as dipped baskets, i just wrapped some masking tape around my basket and painted the bottom section white.

i used plain old white emulsion and it worked out just fine. it only took 2-3 light coats to cover them fully- wiggle the brush to get into the gaps.

painted basket makeover
how to paint baskets

you could also use spray paint to create the same effect! they're perfect for storing throws and fabrics in or you could use them as planters..

would you try this easy makeover?

back soon!

caroline x



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