DIY 5 gift wrap ideas for christmas

simple ideas for christmas gift toppers

it's no secret that my favourite part of christmas is gift wrap. 

I always put aside an evening to get everything all wrapped up whilst watching cheesy films and devouring festive party food! handing out presents on christmas day is THE BEST so I like to savour the process from start to finish...

I've always been a brown paper and string girl but I was starting to grow a little bored so I've incorporated black and white paper to my gifts this year. in my last gift wrap post I showed you some more novelty ideas- this year I wanted to create some more grown up decorations.

white kraft paper and foliage.

1. white paper and foliage.

this is my favourite style right now. I've used white kraft paper and jute string then added in a simple gift tag and a branch from my olive tree to finish. when the time comes I'll be using fresh cut trimmings from my christmas tree to decorate mine!

pine cones and black paper gift wrapping

2. black paper and pine cones.

this is a really clean and simple gift wrap, black paper, jute and a few pine cones glued into place!

pine cones are pretty easy to source this time of year but here's a great tip I stumbled on- look out for scented potpourri. these frosted ones were in a christmas batch I picked up recently and they smell amazing (..added bonus right there!)

christmas gift wrap - dried fruit and cinnamon sticks

3. dried fruit and brown paper.

I've used brown kraft paper, string and some dried fruit and cinnamon sticks for a very festive smelling gift topper! I think this one will go down well with the grown ups.

easy christmas gift wrapping ideas

4. baubles and bakers twine.

I've used white kraft paper and mini baubles threaded onto bakers twine which I wrapped around the parcel. this is really simple and you can pop in a cute gift card to finish, pow!

photo gift tags

5. black paper and instagram photo tags.

this is an old favourite of mine. using mini instagram photo prints as gift tags to personalise presents is such a cute decoration. just attach them with mini pegs or clips. I really like the contrast with the black paper (you could probably use a chalk pen to write on this paper too as it has a matte finish?) 

these are just a few of my favourites. you can check out my pinterest board for more wrapped inspiration.

I made myself a promise I'd have my christmas shopping done and dusted for december 1st this year, I haven't got a single present bought yet so I've totally failed! no doubt I'll still be shopping right up to the last minute like every other year... gah. at least I've got my wrapping down though right? 

which is your favourite? do you love wrapping as much as me?

caroline x


  1. They all look so cute and adorable!

  2. These are such great ideas Caroline, I've always loved the brown paper option too so I'm going to replicate the cinnamon and oranges - delicious! I'll probably go for the final monochrome design for my minimalist loving friends ;) I've got some glittery gold paper, so I may cut out some spots and go a bit Kate Spade...! Love wrapping, such a chance to get creative.

    Felicity x

    1. oh you can't go wrong with a bit of kate spade inspo!! :) xx

  3. Gosh what lovely ideas!:) x

  4. I'm totally stealing the pine cones idea!

  5. Love post and great ideas!

  6. Caroline, these all look utterly fantastic! Can I please employ you to come and wrap all my Christmas gifts this year? I will pay you in chocolate coins.

    Amy xx

  7. These ideas are adorable! I've always been the brown paper girl as well, these are perfect ideas to switch it up!

  8. Love the white paper and coloured baubles! Something a little different for everyone with those!


  9. I love these, I did the brown paper last year! Also tried 'chalk' paper which was a hit! :D

  10. Great ideas! I need to go wrapping shopping soon!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. haha enjoy- I love picking the papers :) xx

  11. Some lovely ideas here! I have been pretty organised this year, all bought and wrapped by last weekend!

    Maria xxx

  12. Hi lovely, am I able to use one of your photos for my blog post? I will credit of course! xx



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