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navy and white jumper | primark
black fine knit | h&m
navy fine knit | zara

hurrah the season of sweaters and scarves has arrived! I love the crisp air of autumn (and with it the excuse to layer up and burrow into cosy knitwear.) 

yes it's goodbye to the bikini diet- you'll find me tucking into all the casseroles and crusty bread I can find until january.

so before my annual winter hibernation begins I though I'd share a few new finds with you. I picked up a few new jumpers- I'm really loving fine knits which are a little less bulky so they're perfect basics to wear under statement coats or tucked into jeans. good places to track them down are & other stories, h&m, cos and zara. 

I also found a couple of chunkier jumpers, my favourite being the high necked camel one above that's a perfect in between... not too long but short enough to suit high waisted garms. it's not a skinny fit don't be fooled by the ribbing you can actually wear this without having to breathe in all day (phew.)

tartan and cream knitted scarf | primark

scarves are my heroes on days when I throw on a basic tee and jeans, they dress up even the simplest of outfits (and make it look like you've made a smidgen of effort when you haven't.)

these are both primark and I don't expect them to last long as all my others have bobbled and frayed after a few weeks of wear but they'll tide me over until I find 'the one' 

..I'm after a nice cashmere blanket type scarf so if you have any recommendation let me know!

fur stole | new look
faux fur chain bag | new look

it wouldn't be autumn without the arrival of faux fur into my life! I've never bought a stole before, every year I toy with the idea so I just went ahead and grabbed this long line version on a whim. I figure it could be an easy way to dress up my coats this season and it really wasn't a big spend so I won't feel too bad if it's not used often.

...lets take a moment to appreciate this furry new look bag though.. POW! I adore crazy coloured fur so I did a little squeal when I saw this bad boy. totally impractical maybe? but it was a bargain so I'm going to try and squeeze it into as many outfits as I can this month.

have you started adding to your a/w wardrobes yet? 

back soon

caroline x


  1. Ah all those jumpers have made me excited for the colder months!

  2. LOVE that camel jumper! Looks like you picked up some amazing autumn pieces! x

    Brigitte |

  3. Love the navy and white jumper, better get myself down to Primark. I'm really excited about it getting colder now!

    Northern Lass

  4. Love this post, especially the faux fur. Nothing could compete!
    I'm going to use my birthday as an excuse to get my cart loaded with all the a/w wear haha x

  5. This post makes me desperate to stock up on my winter wardrobe xx

    1. I'm still going- next up is boot shopping ;) xx

  6. I love how soft in colour your tartan scarf is opposed to the usual red and black X


    1. it's great with camel coats- more muted :) xx

  7. ooo, the camel jumper looks super cosy!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  8. Love all the colours! So autumn this year <3

  9. Absolutely lovin' all of your knit choices! <3 Would love to see outfit posts on autumnal clothing <3

  10. I'm so excited to get back into my blanket scarves and my massive crochet snood things. I love and hate autumn all at the same time, the lack of daylight makes it so much harder to do things I love like ride my bike, but I live for the cool, crisp, clear bright days when a jacket, scarf and favourite ankle boots are perfection.

    1. YES! love the dark nights though- it's just the rain I can't bear! :) xx

  11. Those jumpers all look amazing! I have just unpacked all of my winter stuff and I am so excited!

    Maria xxx

    1. I love getting out my winter coats too haha :) xx


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