DIY floating book bedside table

I think I'm slightly addicted to furniture- is that a thing? I have a couple of vintage side tables and ikea stands on permanent rotation in my bedrooms but after spying this floating book idea on urban outfitters I figured I could DIY myself another bedside table (..what's one more hey?)

this is such a  simple concept and takes no time at all to fix up! if you want a floating shelf of your own read on for the how to...


...and a few books!

those books don't hold themselves up and that's where the brackets come in. I hunted around until I found these large angle brackets which fit flush to the wall (for maximum invisibility!) 

when you've picked your shelf location grab a spirit level and mark where you need to drill. 

drill the holes- pop in your wall plugs- secure the brackets into place with screws. 

open a book and rest it onto the bracket arms protruding from the wall. you'll sandwich the arms between the back page of the book and the main body to hide the bracket (you'll need to add some glue to the back page to stick it to the underside of the bracket.)

place on a few more books to finish the shelf!

the beauty of this bedside table is that you can actually read it! as long as the bottom book is in place on the bracket you can switch the top books out for your current reading material.. I do most of my reading in bed so this couldn't be more handy.

I think a whole row of these shelves would look pretty snazzy and you want wider books just add an extra bracket!

you can use these shelves in other rooms as a wall feature if couldn't cope with a bedside table this minimal.. what do you think to them?

back soon

caroline x