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I don't need mothers day to remind me how special my mum is.. but ultimately I do love to treat her when it comes around. mum is nothing short of heroic in my eyes, she gave me the most treasured gift growing up- a home that was full of love, security and endless support. 

I hope I've inherited my mums kindness and gentle spirit, like her I always try to put others first (although she sets the bar pretty damn high.) we both talk a hundred miles an hour when we're nervous and I've most definitely inherited her indecisiveness.. never ask me to pick a restaurant if you're a- hungry or b- in a hurry! 

I was given the task of picking out something that reminded me of my mum from anthropologie, they've so many beautiful items it was almost impossible to choose. from a handbag that reminded me of mum sneaking us toffee from the secret stash she kept in hers, to a ceramic dish with farm animals that made me think of her childhood in ireland.. 

geo throw | anthropologie c/o

my mum loves textiles, there was always a mountain of cushions and blankets in our home so I though this was fitting. this beautiful throw reminded me of one of my favourite childhood routines- naps! oh yes, I would jump off the school bus and run home to dinner and nap time before blue peter-mum would wrap a big cosy throw around me and I'd drift off, oh those were the glory days, TAKE. ME. BACK!!

with a twist teacup | anthropologie c/o

....and I absolutely had to choose this tea cup. no matter what crisis has befallen me mum has always been there to provide me with emergency tea.

whether I was broken hearted, cramming for exams or just having a plain old bad day there was always a cuppa on hand. oh, and not just tea, burke's are well known feeders- when mum offers tea you should anticipate a selection of sandwiches and biscuits to be delivered!

I'm lucky to have her in a million ways I couldn't begin to express, they say parents hate to see their children grow up? well I didn't want to either.. I'd happily go back and do it all over again with my beautiful family.

do you have any plans for mothers day?

caroline x


  1. Perfect mother's day gifts! Especially love the mug~

    LIVE . IN .LOVE ✞


  2. I love this post and I especially love the pictures. x

  3. Such a lovely post and really beautiful gifts x

    1. thanks chloee! so pleased you like them :) xx

  4. This is such a great post. The pictures are amazing :)


  5. naps were the best part about being small - guilt free. the throw is so pretty and i love the cup.xx www.jesskadenise.com



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