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I always want to redecorate but I can't keep buying furniture and painting walls every month! I manage to scratch the itch by shifting things around to change things up- ornaments that used to be on my desk are re-homed in my bedroom, books are juggled from one shelf to another, plants are rotated every week and rugs are switched around.

even with all my good intentions occasionally a few pieces crop up that I just have to buy. I thought I'd show you an updated living room tour so you can see some of the new things I've bought! most recently this mid century style chair from ikea (just like the one I wanted from urban outfitters but more than half the price, hurrah) I've also introduced the world map that you might remember from my diy alongside a retro wall clock I got a few months ago.

my other favourite piece is my pink flamingo from urban outfitters (not a day goes past when I don't find myself scrolling through their homewares.. too. much. temptation.) I'd been hunting one for months so when I stumbled across it a choir of angels sang.. for me anyway, james took a little convincing. 

the only thing we're still on the lookout for is a new rug.. I'm hoping ikea has some newbies land soon because I'm dying to go back and stock up on meatballs, cake and plants. (because it's impossible to not buy all the plants right?)  

well I'm off to tackle a roast dinner, unfortunately I have to cook it first.. dang.

back soon!

caroline x