learning to knit | my first project!

so I've finally learnt how to knit.. HURRAH!!! knitting has been on my to do list for ages (years actually, I'm ashamed how long it's taken me to pick up this skill!) 

both my mum and sister are old pro's at knitting, I however have been a royal slacker! I just never got around to taking some time out to learn, as someone who loves to craft I've always felt like knitting should be in my arsenal.. and finally it is!

last year I was asked if I'd like to review simple stylish knitting magazine... well since I couldn't knit I figured that would be a struggle but then I saw it was aimed at teaching people with little or (in my case zero knowledge of knitting)  

I figured it was the perfect opportunity to finally get my knit on..

they kindly sent me all the wool I'd need, along with knitting needles and their first edition for me to get started. both my sister and my mum offered to show me the basics.. I however am a stubborn student and wanted to teach myself using just the magazine to see how easy it was.

I showed my first practice square to my family, it brought tears to my mothers eye (.....of laughter I might add) well lets just say there was a few holes.

after a few (ok many) dropped stitches I soon got the hang of casting on, and both knit and purl techniques (and I was pretty darn pleased with myself.) I decided to make this charming little mr fox iPad case above as my first project...

as for the magazine? well each issue has some adorable projects to make, they teach you the techniques you'll need (with wool included to make up a knitted throw as you go along.) the different stitches and tutorials are in an easy format plus they have an online library of videos you can take a gander at if you've missed anything! 

the iPad case was pretty simple, the step by step instructions were very clear (even for me, and trust me I was completely clueless when I started.) the fox was created using an easy duplicate stitch and I was pretty chuffed to master the alternating knit, purl technique to make the elasticated opening!

overall I'm really quite proud of my first ever knitting project.. if I can do this then I know others beginners could too!

I'll definitely be making one of the other projects in the magazine (thinking the the cosy pom pom scarf?) now I know the techniques with a little more practice I'll be able to catch up my mum in no time.. 

if you're tempted to learn you can subscribe here, if you're already a knitting whizz you can find a whole range of knitting projects over on their pinterest (which they've been brave enough to let me hijack this month!)

are you a fully fledged member of  knitting crew already.. or a newbie like me? 

back soon!

caroline x