what I wore | holly fulton x echo falls challenge

wine and fashion? well I'd be lying if I said it didn't sound like a match made in heaven...

earlier this week I had a delivery from Echo Falls, they've signed up fashion designer Holly Fulton to design a limited edition collection of red, white and rose wines. I can confirm they're rather damn snazzy (they have a hint of art deco to them which is one of my favourite design periods!)

the labels take their inspiration form Fulton's signature (oh so dreamy) prints and I was challenged to style up an outfit inspired by my favourite design! 

I couldn't not pick the pinot (my tipple of choice) as the colours were bright and vibrant and I wanted to have a little fun! 

first up? rifling through my clothes rails and pulling out all kinds of weird and wonderful combinations!  Holly's design is geometric and crisp so I wanted clean lines, I decided to focus on the tones of yellow, blue and green when putting together my look. 

and this is my final look.. I adore bright colours and clashing prints so I really love this outfit!

the hunt turned out to be rather awesome for discovering clothes I'd clean forgotten about! I finally opted for this art splash shirt as it incorporated all the colours I was looking for. I also rediscovered these high waisted vintage shorts.. pow! 

now if you'll excuse me I have a large glass of pinot waiting... wink.

what do you think? 

back soon

caroline x

*sponsored post with echo falls, opinions & pinot drinking my own!