what I wore | fun house + daisy

fun house retro tee: truffle shuffle (c/o)
daisy shorts: topshop
mesh bomber jacket: own the runway (c/o)
sandals: office shoes
feather bag now in lilac: river island
james and I jumped on the train to london earlier this week.. last minute with no real plans, things have been so hectic lately we just fancied running away for a day.. and it was great! 
as standard my usual summer attire consists of a shorts and tee combo and true to form I reached for this incredible fun house tee.. truffle shuffle have a wicked selection of retro tee and accessories and boy do I adore anything that reminds me of my childhood (pat sharp definitely falls into that category aha!) 
does anyone else remember that show? I can't stop singing the theme song.. send help!
I love bomber jackets especially in summer and this one from own the runway really caught my eye as I have a slight mesh fetish.. it also comes in black which is maybe more versatile but baby blue will always the a winner in my book. my feather bag is never far from my side and now it's available in other colours I feel a collection coming on... the lilac one is so darn pretty!
hope you guys have a great weekend, tonight's agenda is making home made pizzas and attacking a laundry pile so high everest is shaking in it's boots.. wild fridays huh!
back soon
caroline x
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