nails | pop art nail art tutorial

I saw these nails on wah's instagram and have been meaning to try them for ages. I recently broke a few of my nails and this is a design that doesn't require super long talons and it's great for disguising uneven nails.. phew!

start off with a white base coat, I've used models own coconut cream* which is a gorgeous off white shade and smells like coconut (wowzers!!)

grab a few bright colours from your nail polish collection- I've used primary shades for mine. 

next use the nail polish brush to gently stroke on a sweep of colour, you want rough edges to emphasize the brush strokes which is easiest to achieve if your brush is slightly dry- don't load it up with colour or you'll end up with a big round blob!

once this is all dried you finish off with random black uneven brush strokes, I've used the striping brush from my rio pens* so I could emphasise the rough edges. I've used these pens for a few years now and really recommend them, this neon set is available here and you get six pens in various shades which is a great set for anyone starting out in nail art! the other set I own is the classic set which has been a favourite also due to the colour selection.

once your black polish had dried seal everything with topcoat! 

this is a really easy nail art as there's no real rules you can add as much or as little as you fancy!

do you like it?

caroline x

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