DIY | hand stamped word magnets

when I can't sleep I pinterest.

I've seen some little gems on there recently including this cute word magnet project from a beautiful mess. It's been on my crafty 'to do' list for a while so when some sugru samples came through my door (danke!) I knew exactly what to use them for.
for anyone who hasn't heard of sugru it's basically play doh for grown ups! it's a soft rubber that feels like putty, people use it for all sorts of things from fixing leaky shoes to creating handmade stamps

this little project is super quick and uber fun.. you can pick up sugru in wilko or b&q or you could use polymer clay for these magnets which you can find easily online at amazon. you'll also need some alphabet letter stamps and small magnets/magnetic strips!

start by rolling out your sugru (or clay) which comes in a variety of colours. I made mine into rough rectangle shapes.

it's very malleable so I just pressed my magnet into the back. if you use clay you'll need to glue your magnet onto the back once it's dried.

use your stamps to write messages on your magnets by pressing each stamp into the rubber/clay. (you can pick up stamps kits for a few pound at places like hobbycraft)

once you've finished leave to dry overnight! if you're using clay you'll need to bake them in the oven (just follow the manufactures instructions)

ta daaa! once they've dried you can use them to stick all those shopping lists/photo's/notes to your fridge or wherever you find a magnetic surface!

do you like? I felt like a big kid making these!

back soon

caroline x
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