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hayden bf jeans: topshop
crop knit: topshop
cat: borrowed

so I've had a few slips on the shopping ban this month.. I blame a combination of stress ..and well topshop quite frankly! 

I adore bf jeans so I totally fell for this hayden denim. I actually risked squeezing into the smallest possible size I could fit into as I had a feeling they'd stretch slightly ..and they did making them a perfect fit! I thought the crop sweater was perfect for this in between weather we're having so it's a good option for wearing with skirts and skinnies.. plus it was pink.

oh and meet the little rascal.. I'm cat sitting for my brother at the minute and she's rather fond of jumping up on my desk as soon as the camera comes out. I've given up attempting to work around her..

good lord, you'd never have thought a hairdryer would cause such excitement. I inherited my mums old one when I moved house and it was honestly made dying my hair a game of  russian roulette.. I never figured out if the smell of burning was down to a. hair being fried or b. the dryers impending explosion.

cue the satin 7 arrival, this little beauty dries my hair super quickly and even on the highest setting I never feel like I'm damaging my hair. the real beauty to this dryer is the iontec magic switch which I'm convinced leaves my hair looking shinier. have you ever spent an hour trying on clothes in the fitting rooms and walked out with hair so static it looked like you'd had a fight with a balloon? well I've not had even a whiff of the dreaded static hair that plagued me through the winter.. thus enabling me to spend even more time trying on clothes in topshop (much to the dismay of my bf) braun I salute you.

daisy shorts: topshop 
sliders: topshop

I also caved and bought these daisy shorts with some vouchers I had left over from my birthday. they look more like a skirt on as they're fairly floaty and loose, I can't seem to find them online at the minute but they'll probably still be in store. these shoes are just my absolute fave even if they have skinned my big toe ..dang.

I took advantage of a 3 for 2 offer and grabbed a few of the pastel gelly polishes. yikes.. the pale blue huckleberry might just be my favourite shade of 2014 so far.

my only problem? I've found they are chipping quite easily on my nails so I recommend a good top coat. although I should add that I've found some of my regular polishes are also chipping quickly too so I'm wondering if maybe my nails are quite weak and possibly to blame? 

I might have to start back on the nail care and strengthening regime.

and here's a shot of the dreamy huckleberry.

sunnies: primark

god bless primark, they have some awesomely cheap sunglasses so I grabbed these recently. they're pretty much identical to my topshop Lolita ones but a fraction of the price!

back soon,

caroline x

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