nails | brogue nail art tutorial

I love shoes.. so why not paint them on my nails? call me crazy but here's my tribute to brogues.. 

you may have noticed I've had a little break from nail art the last couple of months.. I've struggled to fit in time to create tutorials whilst working on other projects but now I'm back and excited to start on some new designs for the summer.. yippee!

so here's my first new tutorial.. I hope you enjoy!

to start the brogue design paint your entire nails with two coats of white polish and leave to dry. next take a small brush and draw a black  m shape about 1/3 down from the tip. 

paint in the remaining third of the nail with black polish so your nails look like mine (above)

I've used models own nail art tool kit* to paint this design, I've never used 'proper' nail art brushes before (just old paintbrushes) and I fully recommend these if you don't have any tools! the brush fibres are nice and compact so there's no stray bristles and there's something for every nail art technique from dots and stripes through to gradients (there's also some nail art tape which I'm excited to try for colour blocking!)

next paint a black horizontal line across each nail.. to finish use a dotting tool to dab white dots along the black line and over the arches as above. 

seal with a good slick of topcoat and taa daaa... brogues on your fingers (no blisters guaranteed!) 

do you like? 

if you have any requests for nail art tutorials let me know!

caroline x

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