what I wore: pink + sequins

boyfriend coat: new look
pink roll neck: cow vintage
riot sequin pencil skirt: c/o lashes of london
name necklace: c/o chelsea doll
bag: la moda
boots: c/o asos 

sequins are for life not just for christmas.. errr well that's what I'm telling myself because I really loved this pencil skirt from lashes of london (it's acceptable to walk the streets dressed like a human glitter ball at 11am right?) or I guess you could just wear it at night as it there's a matchy matchy crop glitter top available too.. twosie love right there! 

 I love my name necklace from chelsea doll, there's something really fun and kitsch about it, I've wanted one for an age and theirs are a total steal plus they come in loads of different colours so I'm seriously tempted to get another one for the summer. the bag I'm wearing is quite an oldie that I bought from la moda last year, they've started selling shoes recently and I'm dying to get my hand on a pair of their hologram platforms (please come back into stock!!) I think my love of spice girl-esque shoes has reached new levels.. send help if I start wearing joggers and a high pony..

it's probably a good job I don't own any pink shoes or I might have succumbed to the urge to wear head to toe pink, and I don't think anyone is quite ready for that vision.

caroline x

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  1. Love this pencil skirt! I really love this all over pink look! You look great x
    Julia in Disguise

  2. You look amazing Caroline! The colours in this outfit remind me of Grease and the pink ladies! x


  3. Love this sequinned skirt Hunni! Great colour too!

    NCCB x

  4. such a cute outfit, love the skirt!
    www.lydiarosexo.blogspot.co.uk xo

  5. Ah you so cute!

    I love the coat, I attempted to procure it from NL a while back but ofc it was sold out.

    Georgina at itotallypaused.com

  6. Love that skirt, stunning.


  7. coat is amazing! and need those shoes in my life.
    anna, styleskittle xx

  8. This outfit is lovely, i adore that sequin skirt!x


  9. Love this pink ensemble, the flash of sequin is fab!

    LIVE . IN . LOVE ✞


  10. This outfit is so cute, you look great!

  11. Definitely agree, sequins are for life! Great outfit, followed your blog :)
    Tiana x

  12. Greetings from HAUS UK :-)
    This reminds us so much of Grease! Love it!
    We also love your blog, maybe you would like to follow us on bloglovin and subscribe?

    We shall follow you back and do the same!



  13. Love pairing something so obviously evening-y with a more typical day-time staple... I think it looks lovely! Sequins ftw!

  14. You can never ever go wrong with sequins! I love this spin on them!

  15. I love your outfit! http://roseandpose.com/.


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