new things:

I've collected a few things in the last week so I though it was time for a new things post.. I actually bought a few new nails polishes but I forgot to take a snap of them so I'll share them next time

first up is this cute wooden tile trinket box from urban outfitters, I have loads of rings so this is the perfect place to store them all (I also ordered some new acrylic storage from muji this week as my make up collection needs a huge spring clean..  my drawers are a hot mess of lip gloss and old eye liners!!)

I also found this mint green iPhone/card holder purse in primark, I love pastels and I ALWAYS love shiny things so this was done deal!

oh my, I can't stop buying midi skirts! this topshop quilted skirt has been in and out of my shopping cart more then once so I finally caved.. I. am. weak. 

the floral one is from primark and more of a vintage style with buttons down the front; I think it was only about £10 so a total bargain.. holla!

this nail foil kit* arrived from nail rock and I've been pretty excited to try them out as my last dabble was with their velvet nails. the kit comes with a purple polish and a jar of rose gold foil (it's kind of like gold leaf) which you apply onto your base colour. I'm going to try them out tonight so I'll pop them on instagram or on here so you can see what they end result looks like! (you can still pick these up in topshop)

I've been buying a few tee's and this nirvana one from the urban outfitters sale is my current favourite. band tees are my go-to daytime wear with skinnies so I'm going to try and pick up a few more from beyond retro and cow vintage before summer. 

I've also been buying rather a lot of random things in poundland.. I think my new found obsession with extreme couponing is starting to show. I've compiled a mini stock pile of toothbrushes, air fresheners and multi packs of frazzles. you can never have enough bacon flavoured snacks though right?

back soon!

caroline x
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