DIY: make your own tile coasters

I have been dying to share this DIY because I had so much fun making it and it's CRAZY EASY! the idea  came from my pearl lowe vintage craft book which I modified to make coasters instead of wall tiles. I'm always seem to have a cup of tea in hand so being a bit of a monica I like to have plenty of coasters dotted about my house..

You'll need a few items 

patterned/scrapbook paper
pva glue
wall tiles
felt fabric squares
clear acrylic sealer

you'll usally find the pva, sealant and tiles all in your local b&q/homebase type of stores. The paper and felt is easily availble in craft shops or online!

to start cut your paper into squares slightly smaller than the width of your tiles. take your pva glue (remember that fun stuff from primary school..) and apply a light layer to the tile before you position your paper on top. coat the top with pva to secure the paper and leave to dry; apply a further layer to really seal everything in place.

once the pva layers are fully dry you need to seal the tile properly with a waterproof sealant, I've used a clear enamel spray suitable for ceramics (it seems to have worked a treat as the tiles are nice and glossy) I'd probably advise you to use at least 2 coats of sealant to be on the safe side.

to finish off simply glue a square of felt (slightly smaller than the tile) to the underside of each tile so that it doesn't scratch your work surfaces when you leave them down. once the felt bottoms are dry your coasters are good to go! 

I think they'd make cute gifts tied up with string and handmade gift tags but I'm going to keep this batch for myself!

what do you think.. would you be tempted to try making your own?

caroline x

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