instagram picture business card DIY:

make your own business card diy
my favourite DIY projects are the easy peasy ones.. and this one definitely falls into that category! 

when my inkifi instagram prints arrived my initial reaction was that they were the perfect size for business cards so I ran with it.. 
instagram prints
I'd ordered a whole range of pictures but if you were planning this DIY in advance you could order multiple copies of one picture! (I quite liked that every card would have a different image so every person would receive something unique)
diy craft project
I've stamped my name and website on the back on each print. you can pick up these stamps in stationery shops and they're fully customisable so you can stamp whatever info you like on them!
handmade business cards
to finish I've popped the cards into glassine envelopes (easily available from eBay or etsy stores) with some handmade confetti courtesy of my trusty old hole punch!

I've made them before using plain brown card but I think the instagram prints are a nice update!

what do you think, would you ever try making your own business cards?

caroline x
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