7 day alpha h skincare trial:

when it comes to skincare I always refer to caroline hirons.. the guru of all things face! 

now my skin is getting older I've stopped using budget skincare.. don't get me wrong in my early 20's the last thing I wanted to splurge on was expensive skincare but now my face is showing real signs of ageing I'd rather invest more money on 'operation age delay' (I'd spend the same amount on a pair of topshop jeans and lets face it they're not going to help fix those growing lines around my eyes)

when I read caroline's recommendations for cult favoutie alpha h liquid gold last year I took the plunge and invested in a bottle.. I wasn't disappointed. it wasn't an instant fix but there was a noticeable difference in the feel and tautness of my skin over the first week, over the last year I found my skin was clearer, I've had less breakouts and the overall look of my skin is healthier. it's been a regular staple in my skincare routine ever since so when I was asked to trial some of the other products in the alpha h range I was intrigued and a little excited..

I embarked on my 7 day alpha h trial and kicked off with the balancing cleanser, I have to say this may be my favourite by a country mile. 

I had been using a ren cleanser it wasn't a wow product but did the job well and I had no complaints, however the difference with this alpha h cleanser was almost immediate for me. it's really creamy and luxurious so it felt like a real treat on my skin- my face felt really nourished and it smells gorgeous! it's a non foaming lotion with a blend of soy bean oil, vitamin e and aloe vera and it's good at removing make up too (even my mascara) apply the cleanser to wet skin and remove with a warn face cloth for squeaky clean skin. 

(to get rid of stubborn eye make up add a little to a wet cotton pad and rub gently- I found a normal cleanse and rinse won't get it all) this has been a really nice addition to my routine and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. 

next in the 7 day trial was the liquid gold, this one is already in my routine so I knew what to expect! (if you're unfamiliar with liquid gold it's like a chemical exfoliant and acts as a night time resurfacing treatment)

this is the most fun part of my skincare regime because it's unlike any other product I use- I only recommend using this product no more than 3 times a week as it's quite an intensive treatment and it makes your face tingle! liquid gold targets signs of ageing, skin pigmentation, acne, open pores and scarring due to it's magic ingredient glycolic acid (which exfoliates dead skin cells and stimulates collagen production, yep it's an all round ass kicking hero) 

I think of this product as an overnight facial, apply it to cleansed skin with a cotton pad and leave it to work it's magic overnight (you can apply moisturiser/serum afterwards if you wish or just leave it 'uninterrupted' for a more powerful treatment) I've already bought this product before and will be repurchasing it again in the future. 

the last addition to the trio of anti ageing solutions is the absolute eye complex, this nice but is probably my least favourite of the three.

the formulation includes matrixyl 6 peptide and vitamin b3 which works to reduce puffiness and dark circles (simply apply the clear gel under the eyes and across the lid morning and evening) I have actually enjoyed using this eye gel, the reason it's my least favourite is only due to the fact that I don't suffer too badly with puffy eyes so it wouldn't be a product I'd usually reach for! 

I have to say it it feels lovey and refreshing to apply (especially if you leave it in the fridge!) and it has worked remarkable well as a primer for my under eye concealer/eyeshadow.

the time I saw the best results with this was after I'd indulged in a few glasses of wine! if you're a sociable kinda girl this could be a good investment for the mornings after the night before.. 

alpha h balancing cleaner, liquid gold and absolute eye complex*

I've really enjoyed using these products- I was already a full blown member of the liquid gold club but I was surprised by how much I loved the cleaner. I hadn't really looked at other products in their range so this 7 day trial was an eye opener for me; my skin feels polished and looks brighter after solidly using them for the last week... these aussies really do know their skincare.

you can get your mitts on the alpha h range here or tune into qvc on the 24th for special pricing on these sets.

have you tried any of the aplha h range.. are you a convert too?

caroline x
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  1. Alpha Liquid Gold has been on my little skincare wish list now for a while. It certainly sounds very good, as do the other products that you have reviewed here. I turn 25 this year (omg) so I think it is time I probably took on operation ant-ageing too!
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  2. I haven't tried any of the Alpha H products yet. I'm definitely interested but they're hard to get a hold of in Canada.
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  3. Great post, I have wanted to try alpha h liquid gold for ages x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness



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