kawaii stationery and notebook haul:

before christmas I was hunting for a new notebook and stumbled across the worlds cutest site! let me introduce you to artbox;  their stationery is a serious steal and almost good enough to eat. 

...needless to say I got a little carried away shopping that evening.

I managed to top up my notebook collection as well as a few writing paper sets (not that I was planning on doing much correspondence but with paper this cute I may well pen myself a love letter.) 

if you're after a new notebook I'd recommend you pop over here. there's lots of them so keep scrolling through the pages I found my faves towards the end and don't tell anyone... artbox is our little secret.

are you a fan of cute kawaii stationery too? let me know if like them!

caroline x

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  1. Wow! Amazing stuff! I absolutely <3 kawaii things!!! I am still on the hunt for food/stationery items of this sort.

    thanks for sharing!

    zara xx


  2. I used to collect kawaii stationery back when I was about 13/14 but whenever I see any now I can't help but love it still. I love all of this! x

  3. Those things are so cute! :)

  4. I love stuff like this! I'm definitely going to have a look at this site! The burger and the popcorn books are so cute!

  5. Oh my, these are actually like the cutest things I've ever seen! x


  6. I absolutely love artbox, everything in there is unfailingly cute!


  7. Oh gosh this is the most colourful post I have read all day. I'm a stationary geek too, I simply love it!
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

  8. I'm such a sucker for stationary, especially this kind of style. Definitely checking the website out now. X

  9. Oh my, you're in stationary heaven! Plus, cuteness overload! After visiting their site, I think I might break the bank soon :D
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