DIY good things bunny jar:

this DIY is a combination of two ideas that I found on pinterest; a bunny jar tutorial from torie jayne and a picture of a glass jar filled with little notes.

the idea is sweet and simple, whenever something good happens you to this year write it on a slip of paper and add it to the jar. at the end of the year open up the jar and remind yourself all the nice things that happened in 2014! (I guarantee if you're anything like me you'll have forgotten about some of them..)

it's amazingly easy to make this DIY, you'll need a glass jar, a small rabbit figurine, glue and spray paint.

here's how to go about making your own:

I've used a kilner jam jar but I do also recommend re-using old glass jars (empty pasta sauce jars with the labels removed are perfect for this project) 

glue the small bunny to the middle of the lid using a glue gun or super glue. leave to dry then spray the bunny lid with any colour of your choice. make sure you cover your work surfaces and apply several light layers so the paint doesn't drip or run

I picked up my bunny from the toy department in john lewis but amazon or eBay should have small toys like this too.

once dry screw the lid back onto the jar and you're finished! collect some pretty sheets of paper and whenever something good happens remember to write it down and pop it in the jar!!

if 2014 turns into a year of very bad things I can always just fill my jar with haribo.. everyone's a winner!

what do you think.. is this something you may do too? 

caroline x

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  1. Such a lovely idea - and the bunny is super cute! :)

  2. This is a cute idea, I love the addition of the bunny :)

    Maria xxx

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  4. Love this idea, and the jar is just too cute as well!!
    abi from a little dust

  5. I'm doing the jar of happiness this year and did it last year too! The pink lid with the bunny is such a gorgeous idea! x

  6. Amazing idea, it's so sweet! :) x

  7. I'm sure 2014, will be a great year and you won't need the Haribo.

  8. I really want to try this! It looks amazing and it will be lovely at the end of the year to remember all those little moments that made you smile :)

    ruffles and lace xx

  9. Would never have thought of doing something like this but it's such a lovely idea! I think I want to make one for cotton buds and things like that too.

    Lottie x

  10. i've been saving coffee jars with a diy like this in mind, now all i need is some plastic critters :)


  11. What a cute idea Caroline, I adore the bunny take on the happy thoughts jar!

    Hannah x

  12. This is a great idea and something to look forward to for the end of the year. I may even open it early if I'm feeling really down and need some cheer...or is that cheating?!!

  13. You have the most adorable DIY tutorials~


  14. great DIY, awesome idea!

  15. ...such a cute idea. i did something like this for christmas for my friends. i am your new bloglovin follower - want more :)
    vreeni from freak in you

  16. Oh this is amazing! Who wouldn't want a jar with a bunny on the top?! Adorable. :D
    Leanne (@knitmeacake) x

  17. ohhh, that is sooooo very cute.
    I love it!!!! =)

  18. This is pretty cool actually c: Thanks for the
    easy DIY! I somehow find it sad to see the
    bunny dunked in pink, haha.. Xx

  19. this looks amazing, such a cute idea! i'm normally rubbish at diy but i'm really tempted to try this out myself xx

  20. This is such a cute diy project! Love that bunny jar!

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