nails inc chiswick park and caviar top coat:

I have a new addition to my fingers this week; a neon purple courtesy of qvc's 20th birthday collab with nails inc! 

the polish itself is a perfect autumn shade, rich but vivid. I love nails inc polishes so I was expecting a good colour and I wasn't disappointed when it arrived. 

it takes roughly 3 coats for full coverage, if you paint thick coats you may get away with 2 but my manicurist friend told me to paint thinner coats as your mani will last longer and chip less.. top tip! 

as it's a neon I knew the finish wouldn't be super glossy (which is pretty much always my preference!) but the shade is a winner so I can overlook the lack of glossiness this time! 

the kensington caviar top coat is lovely, it gave the perfect wet look finish to the neon purple. I like my nails to have this high gloss finish and it dried quickly so I'll be using this top coat again.

there are some other lovely sets on offer at the minute; even though I have a terrifying amount of nail polishes already this nails inc 7 piece everyday has been earmarked for my christmas list *slaps wrist*  

I'm not even going to peek at the party nail collections as they're a whole other world of temptation!

do you like this purple.. is it a colour you'd wear?

caroline x


  1. That's such a lovely colour! x

  2. It's such a gorgeous, rich purple! So lovely~



  3. Love the shade + the glossiness of top coat! x

  4. Loveeee it, might have a cheeky purchase tomorrow!

  5. Such a pretty colour!

  6. I would definitely wear that colour, it's lovely :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  7. I just bought purple nail polish! Yours is really great! ;)



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