blogging on the go.. staying inspired:

blogging can be a time consuming business. 

I'm slightly in love with my little baby so being immersed in writing, editing and planning on a daily basis is quite normal for me. the only time I find it all a little stressful is when my schedule is busy or I'm away from home.

I always find the best way to keep blogging fun is simply to stay organised so I avoid having little meltdowns! I went away twice last month and the thought of not posting for a while terrified me at first.. it can be a struggle to keep a healthy balance between work, personal life and blogging (I'm often up late replying to emails, editing photos and juggling freelance work.) I've never wanted to get to the point where blogging became a chore and thankfully it hasn't. I think it's because I always try to stay inspired for whats ahead; whether it's a DIY I'm excited to try or a nail art tutorial that I think someone will love. 

my kindle fire table arrived from argos just before I left for iceland so I decided to take it along for the ride. it's a study little tablet so I wasn't too anxious about packing it and it's the perfect size for my handbag making it an ideal travel companion on our adventures (I was also looking forward to downloading a few books from the kindle store to read en route) 

I decided to schedule some blog posts before my travels and use the time away to simply relax and research ideas for upcoming posts (whilst dipping in and out of twitter, facebook and my other networks.. I'm a self confessed social media addict after all!)
we spent a fair amount of time mooching about in reykjavik, taking in the sights, shops and of course cakes! I used the good old trip adviser app to make sure I wasn't missing out on secret little haunts.. 
the coffee shop culture was ideal for me; I could grab a hot chocolate and get online to keep up to date! there's so many apps I adore but there's a few particular ones that I love to use for inspiration and planning on a daily basis:

wunderlist: lovers of writing lists if you don't have this app you'll kick yourself. I downloaded this to my tablet immediately as it's my ultimate on the go organiser. you can create oodles of lists on this app, mine range from general to do lists to nail art ideas, make up to review and wish lists (I even started up a christmas list this week.. forgive me I just couldn't resist) I often have ideas pop into my head at the most inopportune times so it's great to have this app to scribble them down and come back to at a later date.

pinterest: my go to site for inspo! I love pinterest for searching out DIY ideas, calorific recipes and overdraft endangering outfit inspiration. I spent a lot of time on this app while I was away, I like to have a collection of potential ideas for posts in the future (it keeps me excited about upcoming posts and projects) plus I can't resist a nosey at the popular pages.

etsy: I always enjoy having a browse on etsy craft stores. sometimes it's simply just to research where I can source craft items for my DIY posts but also for handmade gift inspiration! it's brimming with talented independent crafters and is a great place to shop for something unique. 

hootsuite: one for staying organised; I only discovered this a few days before I left. it's the handiest little app that lets you schedule your social media posts! I've never been one for scheduling in advance but it's excellent if you're busy and don't have time to update your facebook or twitter with your new posts! if you're finding you're too busy to stay on top of these sites then sit down with a cuppa and schedule a few tweets to keep your readers in the loop whilst you catch up on other things.

flipboard: this an all round perfect app for me; curate your own flipboard with all the content that interests you. just search by topic and select all the magazines/sites that you draw inspiration from and pull them into your own personal stream. I have art, style and craft sources in mine from design sponge to tate it's all there in one app... flipboard I salute you (you can also link your twitter, facebook, instagram acounts and they'll pull together highlights for you to browse in the same mag format!)
taking half hour to browse through these apps always reinvigorates me, even if I just come across one good idea it's something I can mull over and start planning! I'm already thinking about handmade presents and gift wrap ideas for december after my last session on pinterest..
it's not easy to always stay inspired; if you're feeling stuck in a blogging rut or just lacking ideas, step back from your blog and take a breather. there's no right way to blog just take some time to look around and explore avenues that interest you... inspiration may strike when you least expect it!

after all that planning, browsing and social media stalking it was only right to finish off the day with a giant helping of pulled pork sandwiches and mammoth hamburgers..  topped off by a lazy evening curled up with a glass of wine and my fair share of twitter gossip.

have you any app suggestions? let me know!

caroline x


  1. I've had my kindle fire for almost a year now and I love it. I do wish there was an instagram app though!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. My organisation consists of a notebook, I'm so old school :P
    Gorgeous pictures from your holiday away, I really want to go there.

    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  3. I've just added Wunderlist and I think I probably spend about half my life on Pinterest!
    Iceland looks gorgeous :) I love the pictures

  4. Oo this Kindle Fire looks great! Love the sound of all the apps too :) x

  5. Just added Wunderlist, thank you wonderful lifesaver! I take my tablet everywhere and am forever tapping away on Evernotes, but deffo needed a list app!

  6. Great post! The Kindle seems like a bit of a lifesaver! I just wouldn't trust myself not to break it!

    Holly xxx

  7. I'm going to look up Wunderlist as I'm a sucker for lists! Great ideas Caroline xx

  8. thanks !!!



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