...where I blog from:

I thought I'd share some snaps of my blogging space before I packed up and moved house! I'm already becoming quite sentimental about the move but I'm also excited to take those scary steps to becoming an actual grown up.. gulp.
as you can see I'm quite the hoarder.. I'm really looking forward to having more space so my new place won't be quite so busy! I tend to sit and blog at the little console table in the middle, I picked it up in a sale years ago and painted it myself!

as much as I love my console table I'm going to buy an actual desk in the next few weeks so I can have an 'official' office space in my new abode... exciting! I also have a lot of bookcases as I accumulated a horrifying amount of art theory books at university (and a fair amount of trashy novels that I simply can't bear to part with aha!)
storage is one of the things I need the most and this blue locker from argos is a life saver, I was kindly given one to review and I can honestly say its my favourite pieces of furniture! they have a massive range of office furniture but the office storage really appealed to me as I have so many things and not so many places to keep them all!! 

because we're moving into a victorian house I'm really keen to blend the old with the new so I was really drawn the industrial feel of the metal locker, it also came in green but I was totally won over by the bright royal blue. I'm thinking about using it to store all my craft accessories and fabrics as they seem to be scattered in various locations at the minute and the locker would be the ideal solution to organise them! 

it was also really easy to put together (no tools required!) which has given me a bit more confidence as tackling flat pack furniture is going to become a regular event in the next month.. winner!!
my blogging desk is pretty simple, my laptop (not the mac book pro of my dreams but it does the job) filofax, notebooks and usually a little pile of nail polishes I intend to swatch! 
I love decorating my blog space walls with frames, postcards or pages from magazines! I guess this must be the natural progression from plastering my room with take that posters back in the day..
in case you wondering the the chair was an old DIY project of mine that I reupholstered with some cath kidston fabric, the bunting along the walls is handmade too so if you want to know how to make something similar have a look at my DIY page and you'll find a tutorial!

so that's the mini tour! I hope you like my little space; I'm looking forward to putting together a brand new one when I've moved. 

I was thinking of writing some posts to show you my house after I'd moved in? if you've enjoy this type of blog post please let me know!!

back soon 

caroline x