nails of the day: OPI

I've always liked OPI polishes (particularly the names) but I do tend to overlook them in favour of models own or illamasqua. I'm not sure why, mainly habit I think? the formula of their polishes is really good so I'm determined to invest in a few more and rectify the situation! 
today I'm wearing elephantastic pink an OPI polish that was sent to me by fragrance direct, it's a gorgeous colour and the formula is a beauty. I hesitate to describe it as 'salmon' pink ....but it's the word that springs to mind so I guess I will!

I wouldn't normally be so eager to share a simple swatch post with you but I'm quite astounded by the prices on their website, they have dozens and dozens of OPI polishes available and they're only £3.99, did anybody else know this...??

they also sell essie polishes for £1.99 
seriously £1.99 
I feel a bit robbed thinking of all the ones I've brought in boots at full price! although they don't have many essie colours available at the minute so your choice is limited.

I have to say I'm deeeelighted (but slightly concerned for my debit card) that I can get hold of OPI at such a bargain price. apologies for those of you not so interested in nail polish but this has been a little revelation for me aha!

I'll be back tomorrow with a super cute DIY project (hope you like it!)

caroline x