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I've rounded up a some bits and bobs I've been a fan of this week! as you can see it's a rather random assortment (forgive me!) but I don't have time to post about them all and I think they're worthy of a thumbs up!

1. primark socks: I've been buying topshop frilly socks for a few months now (too cute to resist) I just discovered that primark are selling pairs for £1.50! I'm so fickle I switched my frilly sock allegiance immediately, sorry topshop!

2. barry m gelly polishes and confetti nail effects: I've purchased a few gelly polishes over the last two months and I'm really impressed with them. I find them a little slow to dry but the opacity is really good and some only need one generous coat for good coverage! the confetti effects in dolly mixture are adorable I LOVE it! it isn't like a glitter polish it's more like having tiny feathers on your fingertips, big fan!

3. paperchase stickers: I added another batch to my collection this week! these are brit themed with cute london cartoon characters that will be making an appearance in my sketchbook soon!

4. nailtopia nail art stickers* I was sent these to review and I've been meaning to squeeze them in as I have so many nail art items! they're super easy to work with; literally peel them off and apply to your nail for instant decor! (see picture below for example, there are lots of variations online) my favourite are their las vegas stickers with playing cards and dice (hell yeah I love a theme) seal them with a top coat and you're good to go. 

5. garnier ambre solaire no streaks bronzer spray: further to my fake tan post I wanted to tell you that this is my go-to mist for tanning my face! this version is actually for the body (there is a face version I'm just too lazy to get it) I don't like to use my fake tan mitts on my face as I'm sure they're a breeding ground for bacteria! I always opt for a spray as it's less likely to give me any breakouts and looks a bit more natural.

6. cadburys marvellous creations and teasers bars: yes I really have included chocolate in this post aha! I blame the sugar high or impending diabetes but I'm addicted to these bars this week!! send help... 


  1. Love your nails! The nail art looks great.
    And I love the socks with the frills super cute!

  2. The sock a so cute, your nails look awesome!
    ♥ Filthy Fashion ♥

  3. Both those chocolate bars are incredible! The teasers have got to be a new favourite of mine! xxx

  4. Your nails are so pretty! I have to try those Teasers too, they look like a full-size version of the ones in Celebrations at christmas, YUM!

    Molly x
    Lyon Notes

  5. Those chocolate bars are the best ever! Keep seem to find myself munching on one or the other of the two...

    Hannah @ Squidoodles & oodles xx

  6. I'm addicted to Barry m gelly polishes, but my local Superdrug never have the blue shade in stock! :( x

    Amy /

  7. The Barry M polishes you have a gorgeous, I love the colours! xxx
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  8. The Primark frilly socks are super cute and an absolute bargain! Also loving BarryM gel nail polishes and wanting to try the confetti!!

  9. Oooh I need to try those chocolate bars asap, I cant believe Ive gone this long haha :)

  10. I love the Barry M gelly polishes, I can't believe more have been released as it is taking all my strength to not buy a couple.

    The teasers bars are divine, too darn good!

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  11. Simply loving everything in this post! (except for the bronzing stuff - seems a bit scary haha)

  12. Oh my gosh. So obviously I am very much loving the frilly socks AND the stickers! ;) I'm such a sucker for cute things. Haha.

  13. Love everything on this little list! I love frilly socks, and the Primark ones are so cute & amazing value for money. Your nails are so pretty too!

    Imogen <3

  14. I can't believe how good the Primark frilly socks are! Amazing. Also love those nail art stickers, definitely want to have a play with them :)

    Great post!

    Rosie xo



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