nails of the day: illamasqua noble

drum roll... this weeks nail crush goes to illamasqua noble!

you may have noticed I have a soft spot for blue nail polishes so I was excited to receive this one as it had been on my wish list for quite a while! similar to the shade 'pique blue' that I bought in & other stories recently this turquoise blue has a more radiant finish and is 10x more glossy!
the formula is gorgeous, it's light to apply (not heavy and sticky) and the pigment is as always brilliant. I love illamasqua polishes because they dry quickly and you never need more than two coats for full effect. 
this is two coats swatched above. 

I adore this colour it's really vibrant (this would look great against darker skin) definitely a contender for my top 5 summer polish colours. I'll be wearing this one with white tee's, denim cut offs (...and a slathering of st tropez aha!)

what do you think? I'm a big fan of their polishes- have you tried them yet?

caroline x


  1. That's such a gorgeous colour! So pretty, and perf for spring if it ever arrives! xxx

  2. I haven't tried any polishes from Illamasqua but they have e-mailed me a cheeky 20% off code for taking part in the competition in which you collaborated on with them...I may be tempted :D

    This is a lovely colour Caroline, you're a great advertiser for Illamasqua!! :D
    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  3. it's so bright! i love it! i totally have a thing for blue nail polish too xx

  4. Looks beautiful, I love the colour so much! xxx
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  5. This colour is gorgeous!
    I've had no luck with most nail polish brands so I gave up a few years ago but this one does temp me as you said it was quick dry and only needs 2 coats so I am impressed!


    1. oh no you should try illamasqua -it's quite a thin formula but deep colour pigment so most need 2 coats and they're my fave for dying times!! x

  6. gorgeous colour! x

  7. SUCH a beautiful colour! love it xx

  8. This color is amazing! I love your blog's design layout.

    Jillicious Cosmetics



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