my geeky habit: inside my DIY blog book

my geeky little habit and I are coming out of the closet.

I am OBSESSED with writing lists, I can't sleep until I've written down everything thats bobbing about in my little brain.

I'm also rather OCD about keeping all of my ideas and blog related scribbles organised so I've been keeping blog books since I started burkatron.  
if I'm stressed the only things that straighten me out are a cup of tea and half an hour writing an action plan! I decided to make writing my endless 'to do' lists a little more fun and this strange scrap booking/crafting habit developed about 6 months ago. 

I love buying notebooks; my favourite ones for blog books are the plain kraft books from paperchase, a mix of blank and brown craft paper they're perfect for writing lists and come in lots of different sizes. 

I stick in postcards, scrap paper or sketches. I store secret lists in envelopes stuck inside my books and generally collect lots of little memories and ideas which just breed inside the pages of my book!

I have a little craft kit specifically for decorating my blog book (hello nerd!) 
here's some of my favourite items to use:
washi tape is decorative japanese masking tape and great fun to use; I get mine from etsy! I also collect vintage stamps and little craft items in second hand shops when I see them.
stickers are another thing I'm obsessive about snapping up! paperchase is my go-to place for these!
I'm a massive fan of stationary; especially writing paper and cath kidston sell some of my favourite papers, stickers and notebooks. I don't think I'll ever own too much floral paper!
I've also recently discovered smash which sell the most amazing books & accessories for scrap booking! a little expensive for some of the items but a good place to look if you want to get a ready made set to play with!
after a long day I grab my washi tape, paper & pritt stick and get gluing! once my trusty pen and I get scribbling down those ideas I'm a happy bunny.

I love making my book a little more pretty and it helps me to plan my week; it's a little geeky but it's so therapeutic! 

I hope some of you try it for yourselves...

any other compulsive list writers out there? come say hi!!

caroline x


  1. I'm obsessed with lists too! It makes me feel more settled and organised haha. I now want to make a cute book like yours to put all my lists in! :)

  2. so, so cute! lists always calm me down! x

  3. This is literally the cutest idea! I’m such a list maker too, this so seems like something I’d do! Will be so nice to look back on once it’s full too :)xx

  4. Oh my gosh, this is so cute! I love writings lists but mine definitely don't look as pretty as yours! xo

  5. I always write lists too, not as pretty as yours though! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  6. Oh my, I love this Caroline! Everything is so lovely and perf and pretty! xxx

  7. This is fantastic! I love a good notebook, but I lack the creativity to get mine looking really pretty. You've inspired me here Caroline, and I'm looking forward to seeing what I can come up with in the future!

    - Tabitha at x

  8. I'm obsessed with writing lists too... Mine never look as pretty as yours do though! xx

    D Is For...

  9. wow! id love that! i should really start doing this and recording my ideas!

  10. I love this idea! I'm a massive lover of lists and stationary too, but never thought about doing something like this before! I know what I'll be doing tomorrow! X

  11. Sooooooo cute! Love collecting little bits like this. Never seem to know what to make or do with them though. Fab idea! :) x

  12. This is really nice :D I tried keeping a little blog book but I failed miserably! Now uni is out the way with I may try again though :)
    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  13. I keep a blog book too, its just a great way to formulate ideas and to jot down ideas when you're out and about

  14. This is adorable I love lists!

  15. This is absolutely adorable!! I love making lists and also love notebooks, I always buy cute new ones and put off writing in them for ages because I don't want to ruin them, haha! Lovely post :) xxx

  16. I have already bought one of the books from paperchase and was going to do something similar to this! I too love making lists, it makes my head more organized haha xx

  17. This is so cute, I thought I had got all organised with my little notebook but this puts my list making skills to shame, definitly given me a few ideas about how to make my little book a little bit more special too.
    Rosalie x

  18. Oh my goodness, your notebook is adorable!

  19. Oh my gosh this is literally my DREAM post. I'm borderline obsessive about stationery! Think I may just have to start doing this to keep my thoughts organized, since as of right now my ideas are stored on blah sticky notes on my laptop. :/ Thanks for the idea!

  20. I love this blog book! I'm also obsessed with lists, I have notebooks everywhere so I can jot down ideas, if it's not wrote down i completely forget about things. Think I need to start dressing my notebooks up too, thanks for the ideas!

    Nic x

  21. I think that is a brilliant idea!

    Brunette in Louboutins A fashion & lifestyle blog.

  22. I too am obsessed with list making! I get as far as highlighters and ticking off things I've done though.. I've never thought about decorating the pages.
    Girl in the North x

  23. Oh my goodness - this is quite simply the most beautiful notebooks I have ever seen!? I am an avid list maker - I probably spend more time writing the list than I do actually doing the things on it! I will have to pinch a few ideas from you - these are literally making me speechless! (Gosh I am more of a list geek than I initially thought ha!)
    Thanks for this!
    Saskia x

  24. you are so creative it's unreal! you should sell these, it's amazing! x

  25. This is amazing!! I'm always having to write lists.
    Very creative.

  26. I love these! I have loads of lovely little unused notebooks and you have inspired me to do something with them.... excuse me while I go and order some washi tape!



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