what I wore: pinafore & thrift

yep, still harbouring a crush on dungaree style dresses.

they're just so darn easy to wear; I only have to decide what tee to wear underneath and I have an instant outfit.. simples. even better in the summer when this looser style will be perfect for beer garden lounging (ahhh beer gardens how I've missed you!) 

I'm hoping this is going to be the last time you see me wearing 1000 denier tights, I've made a decision to burn them all in one huge lycra fulled bonfire at the first opportunity.
denim pini dress: topshop
stripe crop top: vintage
hat: h&m
leather satchel: topshop (old)
necklace: topshop
boots: office

before I head off to tuck into a roast chicken dinner (with proper gravy.. exciting shizz) I stumbled across some snaps from the flea market we visited in new york; I thought I'd pop them in as it's got me all of a flutter at the prospect of car booting in the summer, huzzah! 

anyone else out there a car boot fan? I've found some of my favourite vintage tea cups rummaging about in dusty boxes (ok, if I'm honest I've also purchased a horrific amount of tat but lets keep that between us!)

back soon!

caroline x


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  2. Love your pinafore!! i have been eyeing up a black and or burgandy cord one from topshop, Love how you have styled it with the stripes and the pink lipstick! x

  3. This outfit is gorgeous! I love boot sales too :) xx


  4. Americans do flea markets so much better than we do! Love your photos xxx


  5. this outfit is so beautiful! I swear you can pull off every style! x


  6. I like how casual this is, it's such a nice outfit :D

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  7. What a lovely casual yet uber stylish you're sporting today lovely! Denim and Breton stripes are a match made in heaven.

    Hannah cagneyandlace.com

  8. This pinafore looks amazing on you! I briefly owned the same one before realising it just didn't suit me so I returned it.

    Jo x

  9. Love this look. recently posted a pinnie myself!

  10. Love this post! This is such a gorgeous outfit! You look amazing! Your pictures from the Flea market, are lovely! One day I really want to go to New york! xxx


  11. The graffiti photo is a great shot!

    Love the pinafore, you look lovely.



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