vintage flower nail art

wowza.. it feels like ages since I've painted my nails!

I managed to break two of them in half moving furniture so I had to give all my nails the chop as they were crazily uneven *sobs*

I don't really mind having shorter nails though; I think to keep them healthy you should cut them down every few months (this works for me as mine get weaker the longer they grow) my nails grow fairly quickly helped along by regular use of OPI nail envy (miracle product) and lots of TLC!

I painted these quickly as I was heading out to an event but I thought I'd share them with y'all in case you wanted to try them too! 

as I did these at night I didn't photograph the steps but I'll break down the basic idea for you..
I used models own peach sherbet as the base, a really pretty spring shade; the flowers are just drawn free hand so no nail art pens needed -but you can use them if you'd like! 

  • take a dark pink polish and draw two large circles on each nail for the flower base.
  • now take 2-3 lighter pink polishes and just using the brushes lightly swirl on a few strokes to create the petals (it's works best if you wipe off the excess polish so the brushes are slightly drier)
  • repeat the above steps using blue polishes instead of the pink this time!
  • dab a white dot in the middle of each flower
  • use a green polish to dot small leaves around the flowers
  • seal with topcoat!

you don't need to be precise with this nail art as the flowers are quite abstract and vintage inspired! just play with the colours and have fun; it also works on shorter nail just paint less flowers try 2-3 instead of 4.

I'll try and get some more tutorials up soon, I've been so busy this month my nails have been seriously neglected! 

back soon!

caroline x

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  1. I always love the way you do your nails!! The steps seem really easy, thanks for explaining :)

  2. These look so pretty!

    Your nail tutorials are my fave ♥

    Stevie xxx

  3. Oh my, these are just beautiful! Total floral heaven! xxx

  4. I thought these were nail wraps when I first saw the pictures they are done so neatly! x

    1. oh that's a compliment haha! thanks kitten xx

  5. Very cute, can't wait for the tutorial xx

  6. These are fabulous :D
    Perfect now the sun is finally shining!

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

    1. I know!! so happy the sun has finally showed up! tahnks amy :) xx

  7. your nail art is incredible! if I could I would pay you to do be my nail art specialist for life haha! x



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