nail art inspo: DIY embellished nails!

hello OTT nails!

forgive me. sometimes I just can't resist sticking on some shiny bling.. call it magpie syndrome! I felt like trying a darker colour with some stones as I usually opt for pastels and ice cream colours!

a lot of people ask me where I get my decorations from; the truth is I pick them up randomly when I see them on these eBay and amazon shops! a few pound here and there and all of a sudden you have yourself a sparkly collection just asking to be played with!

once I've painted my nails I get my stones out ready and apply a coat on cleat polish to one nail and attach the stones into the wet surface (top tip; pop a tiny piece of blue-tac onto the end of a cocktail stick to pick up the tiny stones) repeat one finger at a time and seal everything with at least 2 coats of top coat to seal!
there's a million and one ways to use these stones so this is just an idea for you guys!

hope you like them!

caroline x