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once again google manages to throw my twitter feed into a panic!

it seems google reader is soon to be no more; there's widespread worry that GFC will also be axed in their attempts to move all of us over to google+ (seriously does anybody ever use it? I for one am not a fan!)

on a positive note I'm quite happy if GFC doesn't make the cut; some of the best blogs I read don't have huge followings, I think the end of GFC will give new up and coming bloggers a more level playing field.

If I wasn't a blogger I wouldn't have a clue what it was anyway so bring it on google! 

so rather than filling up twitter and facebook feeds with details of how to follow my posts I thought I pop up my favourite ways to follow on a little post!

here are easy ways for keeping up with blogs & burkatron:

bloglovin' probably the easiest and most efficient way of following multiple blogs at once in a nice easy format! readable, easy to navigate and all the latest news in one place.. easy peasy! find me here & come and say hi! follow burkatron on bloglovin'

tweet tweet! twitter is my favourite social network not only for following my most loved z-list celebs but for keeping up to date with what my fellow bloggers are doing! you can find me tweeping here!

facebook: I follow lots of brand pages to keep up to date with new releases, clothes I can't afford & the latest celebrity gossip! it's also pretty handy for checking out bloggers new posts, you can find me and say hi here!

hello cotton: similar to bloglovin this is a great platform to read multiple posts at once, I love how they have general categories from beauty to crafts for you to scroll through for inspiration, bravo ladies! find my posts and keep up to date here!

nothing wrong with a good ol' bookmark! I still use them to follow some of my most loved blogs & shopping sites! here's mine if you want to add it burkatron 

instagram! gotta love the snap happy app that is instagram! the ultimate lazy way to keep up to date with what bloggers are wearing/buying/eating (with our cats, dogs & selfies thrown in for free) you can find me papping away here my user name is (surprise surprise,.. burkatron!)

well enough social network shizzle; I'll be back later with an outfit post for y'all!

ps. what do you guys think about the GFC uncertainty?

caroline x


  1. I'm following you on Bloglovin of course, although I'm pretty sure I was before the panic of yesterday haha!

    I agree with you in that I think it will make things fairer for smaller blogs :)

    Amy xx

    1. I know I think it will stop PR companies basing everything on stats but it's also a pain when we've all worked so hard to gain regular followers :)lets see what happens... in the hands of the google gods aha! xx

  2. I am sad about the news! And it is gonna be difficult for me to let go of GFC, I don't have a lot of followers but I certainly love all of them.

    Following you on Bloglovin!


    1. I know I worry not everyone will continue to read- I dont like change!! fingers crossed our followers will find a new way to keep in touch :) xx

  3. It sucks. I'm still a bit uncertain about what it will mean in terms of reading blogs and following etc, but time will tell. Having been a blogger for almost 4 years and building up a lot of readers it's a bit disappointing.

    1. it's a real pain when we work out butts off to gain readers at least it will be across the board not just some blogs, I guess wordpress blogs have been ok without GFC so fingers crossed!! :) xx

  4. I agree, I don't think it would be a bad thing if GFC went. Like you said, some of the best blogs don't have many followers and aren't given a fair chance. But then again I'm new and only have 22 followers anyway so maybe I'm biased! Ha! I just bookmark all my faves anyway, and your blogs one of my favourites

    1. thanks you! I hope it will level the fiels a bit! I just hope we don't all lose people in the switch between platforms :) it's a shame for people who have been blogging a long time but a benefit for newer blogs! I guess we shall see what happens aha!!! xx



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