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paper crafts- matchbox tutorial

i'm always buying cute gift wrap with the intention of framing it or using it in a DIY. i have quite the stash in my craft cupboard so i decided to dig into it for this really easy project- DIY matchboxes!

DIY | matchboxes

4.20.2016 • 5 comments
diy modern teepee hat coat stand how to
how to make a teepee hat coat stand

this week has been pretty crazy but i'm heading to cornwall for a little break and i'm so excited about it!

DIY | teepee coat stand

4.15.2016 • 5 comments
how to make a terrarium

i love terrariums, i guess i have a weakness for succulents but they're such a cute way to display them! they're the most low maintenance plants ever and it's incredibly simple to put together your own terrarium at home.

DIY | desk terrarium

4.12.2016 • 9 comments
how to paint tableware

if you're a sucker for an easy makeover then i have the project for you- speckled plates! my cupboards are filled with boring white dinnerware and i wanted to try my hand at another plate painting project. (plus it was a great excuse to eat ALL the olives and mozzarella, mmm.)

DIY | speckled tableware

4.07.2016 • 9 comments
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