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simple ideas for christmas gift toppers

it's no secret that my favourite part of christmas is gift wrap. 

I always put aside an evening to get everything all wrapped up whilst watching cheesy films and devouring festive party food! handing out presents on christmas day is THE BEST so I like to savour the process from start to finish...

I've always been a brown paper and string girl but I was starting to grow a little bored so I've incorporated black and white paper to my gifts this year. in my last gift wrap post I showed you some more novelty ideas- this year I wanted to create some more grown up decorations.

white kraft paper and foliage.

1. white paper and foliage.

this is my favourite style right now. I've used white kraft paper and jute string then added in a simple gift tag and a branch from my olive tree to finish. when the time comes I'll be using fresh cut trimmings from my christmas tree to decorate mine!

pine cones and black paper gift wrapping

2. black paper and pine cones.

this is a really clean and simple gift wrap, black paper, jute and a few pine cones glued into place!

pine cones are pretty easy to source this time of year but here's a great tip I stumbled on- look out for scented potpourri. these frosted ones were in a christmas batch I picked up recently and they smell amazing (..added bonus right there!)

christmas gift wrap - dried fruit and cinnamon sticks

3. dried fruit and brown paper.

I've used brown kraft paper, string and some dried fruit and cinnamon sticks for a very festive smelling gift topper! I think this one will go down well with the grown ups.

easy christmas gift wrapping ideas

4. baubles and bakers twine.

I've used white kraft paper and mini baubles threaded onto bakers twine which I wrapped around the parcel. this is really simple and you can pop in a cute gift card to finish, pow!

photo gift tags

5. black paper and instagram photo tags.

this is an old favourite of mine. using mini instagram photo prints as gift tags to personalise presents is such a cute decoration. just attach them with mini pegs or clips. I really like the contrast with the black paper (you could probably use a chalk pen to write on this paper too as it has a matte finish?) 

these are just a few of my favourites. you can check out my pinterest board for more wrapped inspiration.

I made myself a promise I'd have my christmas shopping done and dusted for december 1st this year, I haven't got a single present bought yet so I've totally failed! no doubt I'll still be shopping right up to the last minute like every other year... gah. at least I've got my wrapping down though right? 

which is your favourite? do you love wrapping as much as me?

caroline x

DIY | 5 gift wrap ideas for christmas

11.22.2015 • 9 comments
mulberry purse

so christmas came early this week WAAAHOOO!!

do you remember I was taking part in the annual john lewis secret santa? well my gift arrived and it was love at first sight.. eeep.

I was over the moon to find out I was picking a gift for rosie from a rosie outlook. after reading her blog I immediately wanted to be her new bff- I felt like inviting her over for a dog walk and roast dinner but I think it's too soon right..? anyhow I adored her posts and the way she documents her life in such a likeable and warm style. I went so far back through her blog in a bid to get to know her likes and dislikes I started to feel ever so slightly stalker-ish! 

one thing I really picked up on was the way she adopted the danish word hygge (very) roughly translated into cosiness and enjoying the simple things. after a lot of ummming and errrrring through the john lewis gift ranges I decided to pick items inspired by that way of life (and her love of green tea!) it was actually really tough as I'd have hated to get it wrong so I said a little prayer to the gift gods that I was choosing the the right items! she actually filmed a vlog of her (and fluffy sidekick bodhi) opening her secret santa gifts which was beyond lovely to see.

so back to my little beauty.. my current coin pouch is a rubber fried egg from h&m (no I'm not kidding) so you can imagine what a treat it was to open this beautiful mulberry purse.

I can confirm there was a few few squeals of excitement as I tore through the tissue paper, I seriously can't thank rosie enough for picking me such a wicked gift. I genuinely felt all warm and fuzzy- this secret santa has been the nicest way ever to kick start my christmas!

didn't she pick well?

back soon

caroline x

lifestyle | my john lewis secret santa

11.20.2015 • 8 comments
faux fur winter throws
winter home style
home tour- interior style
home decor- blogger house tour.
bedroom tour

bedding and cushions | ikea
chopping board | tiger

when the nights get dark and cold making my house feel cosy is a big priority. we don't get much daylight in winter so I prefer to have my rooms as bright and white as possible- however it's easy to add warmth with accessories and soft furnishings. when barker and stonehouse offered to add some winter style to my home with their accessories I couldn't resist!

texture is key for me- adding chunky knitted or faux fur throws like this gorgeous grey one over a bed or sofa instantly gives a cosier feel to a room. I've enjoyed snuggling up under this one all weekend (kipper actually thinks it's his new best friend- they're inseparable.) 

art prints and cushions are another way to add colour and warmth to a room, I'm have a neutral pallet of white and grey in my home so I can add any colour in and switch things up as often as I like. candles are definitely an essential for me, at night I have dozen of them burning. it's such an easy way to make a house feel festive and those dark nights mean christmas is on it's way.... 

well I'm off hunt down my furry slippers and a large hot chocolate... I love you winter!

back soon

caroline x

home | winter additions

11.16.2015 • 10 comments
use air dry clay to make these faux ceramic planters!

one of my favourite DIY's this year was my clay hanging planters that I made back in may.. I'd been thinking of making some more to hang in my kitchen but I wanted to do update them a little with a faux ceramic look inspired by these beautiful cups and bowls I found on pinterest.

tutorial for making faux ceramic planters using air dry clay
diy planters using leather cord and air dry clay.
make these DIY planters with a faux ceramic finish with this easy tutorial


paintbrush and toothpick

create a faux pottery effect using acrylic paint and gloss medium.

first make your hanging planters using the clay- follow my tutorial from earlier this year here

-once they have dried sand them down well to smooth the surface.

-mask off the bottom with tape and paint the bottom half brown, remove the tape and leave to dry.

-dip a toothpick or pin into the black paint and start dabbing all over to create a speckled effect.

-leave to dry and then brush on a couple of coats of gloss medium to add a faux glazed finish.

-thread your cord through the holes and hang them!

make some hanging planters with a realistic ceramic finish!
simple tutorial for making hanging planters using air dry clay!

I love using air dry clay but I guess you could try these with polymer clay too? I only tend to prefer air dry as it's much softer to work with (kinda like play doh)

don't fancy hanging them? skip adding the holes for the cord and just display them on your shelves instead!

what do you think.. would you try making some?

back soon

caroline x

DIY | faux ceramic hanging planters

11.15.2015 • 2 comments
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