Saturday, April 19

new in | cornwall haul

random crap notebook by happy jackson

I found myself buying lots of random little things when I went to cornwall recently.. I just couldn't help myself! one of my favourites items is (surprise surprise) another notebook for my collection that I spotted in newquay! I've seen this one online quite a few times so I finally caved and added this retro lunchbox into the mix as well. I always find myself obsessing over shells when I'm at the seaside so I picked up a few more of those too.

lips telephone

this is my most treasured charity shop find EVER. I literally squealed when I spotted this in a scope charity shop in penzance for only £4 and the best part? it still works! eeeep!

I've spotted these bowls on urban outfitters before so I recognised them in a little gift shop in padstow. I'm a fiend for buying china so I'm struggling to find a home for these new arrivals. I think I might have a de-clutter of my bedside table and use them to stash skincare in. I found the plate in another charity shop near st ives (I'll use this with some of my old china cups as I love to mix and match patterns.)

I found these recycled purses at the eden project and absolutely loved them! the shell jewellery box is pretty tacky so it was an instant winner for me, I also found this tin that I'll use to store trinkets or business cards in.


I wasn't going to buy this fabric lampshade but I changed my mind at the last minute and I'm so glad I did! there was quite a few colour variations but I opted for this slightly oriental looking design. I still have lots of frames to hang so I picked up some more postcards to frame from the galleries in st ives.

as nice as looks on my desk..I shall get around to hanging it in my dressing room (eventually)

hope you're all having a lovey bank holiday!

caroline x

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Friday, April 11

what I wore: cigarette + pink

top: vintage
bag: primark

if you follow me on instagram you might have seen I popped down to cornwall last week... such a beautiful place (it was my first time there so excited was not the word!) our apartment in watergate bay was only a few minutes walk from the beach so we took these photos on our first morning exploring..

it hardly ever occurs to me to buy trousers? I never really need anything smarter than denim on a daily basis but these topshop ones are so easy to wear (if I'm honest it was the gingham swayed me... I heart the stuff.)

I also have to give a shout out for my office flats.. I've not even had to look at a packet of plasters since I started wearing them (those who know my feet will applaud) I have skin like tissue paper so finding shoes this kind is A-mazing.

caroline x

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Tuesday, April 8

new in | neon

oh la la, newness from models own has landed (again!!) this time in the form of polish for tans a collection designed to show off tanned skin (clearly my genetics didn't get the memo.. damn you irish skin)

these little rascals have taken me quite by surprise.. they're actually really wearable!

the formula of these is pretty knockout (just one coat pictured here) I really liked the combination of the neon yellow 'bikini' and green 'flip flop' together so I painted a quick gradient! they blended really well and dried really quickly.. winner.

...this is a pair I'll definitely be sporting together in the summer -tanned or not!

polish for tans, bikini, flip flop & shades* 

'shades' is a neon pink which was initially my favourite on first look, this is a really summery number and I think it's even nicer in the flesh. 

these polishes do have a slightly matte finish so if you like glossy nails you'll need to add a quick slick of topcoat.

I think these will be another popular range for models own; their price point is so good for the quality. I do believe the collection comes out online tomorrow (...and I think they're even included in their 6 for £20 offer hurrah!) 

what do you think to these.. would you wear any of these shades? 

caroline x

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Sunday, April 6

DIY: customised hip flask

I'm not going to lie.. I'm still quite partial to sneaking a hip flask into my handbag on a night out (I can't help myself, I'd rather spend my money on shoes and biscuits.) when I saw this DIY to cover hip flasks on a beautiful mess I knew I had to try it.. it's so darn simple! 

you'll need:

a hip flask (lots on amazon for as little as £3)
oilcloth fabric/PVC fabric often used for tablecloths (you can find some on eBay, etsy)
glue, craft knife or scissors

this project only takes 10 minutes or so to make! start off by cutting a strip of oilcloth or waterproof PVC fabric to fit around your flask (you'll want it to overlap an inch or so.) 

you'll probably find a lot of oilcloth is sold by the half meter/meter so you'll have lots left over for other projects. I picked up mine in dunelms and it only cost me about £2 for each half meter (eBay is a great source for these wipe clean fabrics; I've seen some really nice gingham and polka dot ones ones but I didn't have the patience to wait for them to arrive!) if you really want to splash out cath kidston have the world's most amazing oilcloth selection!

once you've cut it to fit fold the oilcloth around and simply glue in place using a multi purpose glue (one that adheres to metal is best!)

taaa daaaa.. I think it's happy hour time!

I think they look pretty darn cute and I can't believe how quick they are to make! I'm going to source some more oilcloth in different patterns and make some more for my friends.. I think they'll make great gifts. 

what do you think.. would you try making these too?

caroline x

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