orly hope and freedom nail polish collection!

another day another nail polish (or two!)

as soon as I think I have every colour another collection of shades pop up to woo me, today it's a couple from orlys latest hope and freedom range I was sent by look fantastic.

created with a festival theme these are the equivalent of boho chic for your nails, I wasn't sure whether they would be bright enough for me but they are really pretty. yes, I've been swayed by feminine pastels and thoughts of summer picnics... I'm a sucker for a theme.
coachella dweller is a lovely minty green quite unlike any other colour I own! the formula is creamy (2 coats for full coverage) without being thick and easy to apply. this is a beautiful spring colour and for a green polish quite sophisticated!
melodious utopia is crazy, I love this one for the surprise element!

it looks yellow on but its bursting with tiny flecks of red glitter that glow when they catch the light. I've tried snapping these in different lights but it's impossible to catch the effect because the glitter is so fine! 

the glitter it doesn't affect the smmothness of the polish but you need about 3 coats for good opacity, if you like something a little dfferent this may be a polish for you!

there are other colours in the hope and freedom collection you may want to see for yourselves here. overall I like the  feel of this collection now I just need spring to arrive so I can leave my gloves at home...

so what do you think guys? 

caroline x


  1. Ah, they are both gorgeous shades. Perfect for summer when you have a bit of a tan! :D xx


  2. I love the mint colour! So pretty xxx


  3. You are so ready for the summer! Love these shades. :)


  4. I love Coachella Dweller, and I love it's name too! You have lovely nails :)

    http://hannahrebekahcampbell.blogspot.com xxxx

  5. Loving the mint colour :)


  6. These are both stunning colours! xxx

  7. love the yellow!


  8. lovee the mint green! x


  9. Really like the look of the yellow! x


  10. Welp, you've ignited a crush on that yellow polish so I hope you're happy. As if I need any more yellows! Xx

  11. Your nails are stunning eek!!! I love your blog.. I have been a follower for a while but only recently started properly reading it! Its one of my faves and I have added your link onto my "Daily Reads" page xx

  12. love the colours! so summery and delightful!!
    would you like to follow each other?


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