fruity fingers:

sometimes I have a lazy day; rather than painting anything fancy I just apply some decoration to my nails.

this is why I love these fimo fruit pieces! I know it's cold outside but why the hell not? it's definitely put me in a better mood today!

I got mine ages ago but they sell them all over ebay just search for fimo or fruit slices (they're so cheap! here's a seller I found here but I only looked quickly!) 

I just stick mine on with clear varnish, hold them down to secure and apply a good top coat to seal them. (they also look pretty amazing and last longer on your toenails!)

I'll be back with some festive themed nail arts soon, just wanted to share these fun little numbers with you first!

big love!

caroline x


  1. These have made me miss the summer! Love them, tempted to try fimo decorations myself now.

  2. these are adorable! x

  3. Wow, they look amazing! So fun and cute! Great way to spice up your nails in the winter months! xxx

  4. Super cute nails.

    You are fabulous!


  5. i have fimo but i can never make them look this nice!



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