vintage flower nail art:

I've painted so many halloween nails lately I decided it was high time to go back to something a little less spooky! I came up with this vintage flower nail art yesterday and thought I'd share it with you guys.

I didn't use any nail art pens just the nail polish brush themselves; it's quite an abstract flower so perfectionists look away now! (..hurrah shaky hand sufferers)

 here's a quick guideline; I'm sorry there isn't step by step pictures this week I didn't have my camera (tut tut naughty blogger)

so first I painted a peach base colour (barry m peach melba) 
take a few blue polishes and several pinks from your polish collections (I know you're all as bad as me for buying nail varnish!)
draw a couple of blue and pink circles on each nail (use your darkest colours first!) 
take a lighter shade of blue and pink and swirl a dash of each over the top to create a petal effect.
continue adding little petal dashes until you are happy with the effect.
add a small white dot in the centre of each flower and a few scattered green dots for leaves.
seal with a good lick of topcoat..

I hope you like them! I'm currently waiting for the weather to improve so I can take some outfit photos! how does anyone get them done in the winter? dark evenings, gale force makeovers and a mouth-full of hair every time I venture out of the front door! 

(apologies if I resemble cousin it in the next what I wore today post)

back soon kittens!

caroline x


  1. Love the design! Defo going to try it out !
    Becca xx

  2. Hey, Great post! These nail are simply beautiful! I've never seen any like this! I've tried to do the Cath Kidston ones but it was a bit messy hopefully these will be better to have a bash at! thank you
    100 follower nail goodies giveaway happening now :)

    1. thanks Emma :) these are definitely easier than the kidston ones!!! xx

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Katy :) hope you gave them a try xx

  4. Caroline your blog is so fab! It inspired me to create my own but it's looking bare and a bit poo! I don't know how to work it haha! Will have to carry on reading yours instead :)
    Lovely nails x
    Kiera :)

    1. really that's awesome! Stick with it, the first few months mine was a hot mess, I'm only just happy with the layout now! It's worth the effort I really enjoy doing my posts :) you'll add more as you go along and it will change as you find what you like talking about! xx

  5. Aww maybe I will stick at it :)
    Thanks, Kiera x

  6. I love this design, you're so talented! I'm definitely going to give it a go :)
    Tor @ Thats Peachy Fashion & Beauty Blog xx

    1. :) thanks tor! ps. I want your sequin blazer!! saw it on your blog, love it! xx

  7. These are great! :)

    I dream of having nails like yours miss, they are gorgeous! Have you done or thought about doing a nail care post? Forgive me if you have already and I've missed it.

    Amy xx

  8. Replies
    1. aww thanks sugar! glad you like them :) xx

  9. such pretty nails ! you're so skilled ! xx



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