autumn/winter tartan trend nail art DIY!

I'm always on the hunt for new nail art!

 when I was at the look show last week I spotted several of the guests wearing tartan and thought to myself hmmmm tartan nails? 

well I gave it a shot but I'm not 100% happy yet; I've thought up another version after looking at some tartan patterns but not had time to paint them yet! (keep an eye on my instagram I'm sure I'll be trying out other versions over the next month)

anyway here's what I did if you fancy trying it yourself... the good thing about tartan is you can change up the patterns and colours to create your own!

I started off with a berry red base coat called lipstick from american apparel. next I applied a thin grey line slightly off centre.

now is the time to crack out your nail art pens or fine brushes as the stripes need to be thin! 

I outlined the grey with fine white lines either side, once dry I then outlined again in black. then I applied a fine grey line on the opposite side of the nail.

next I applied two horizontal black lines across the nails. I wasn't quite happy at that point so I added one more vertical stripe; this time in yellow for contrast.

I didn't have any pictures of tartan for guidance so I stopped at this point.

after looking at some patterns I would now recommend adding another horizontal stripe under the top one to create a bit more depth!

overall it's not the hardest nail art I've tried; the key is getting the stripes fine and straight, so relax and keep your hands on a flat surface!

hope you like them! good luck fellow nail art lovers!

caroline x


  1. SO cool! you always come up with unique designs to try :)! x

  2. They look so cool! Don't think I'm skilled enough to pull these off, definitely want to try it! x

  3. love it ! such a brilliant idea, it looks fab ! xx

  4. love the look!

  5. These look fab! My hands are constantly shaking though so anything with a straight line is out of the question for me :( xx

  6. Love it! I've never thouh of tartan nails, they look great!



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