what I wore: floral denim

I've been lusting after a nice shirt for a few weeks; I'm in love with every offering in zara at the moment but I'm reluctant to pay up to £50 for a shirt this month as I had to fork out for new tyres and brake pads for my car...sob! To tide me over I headed out on a high street hunt and found this floral one in primark (hello bargain!) it's definitely taken the edge off my zara cravings and I added some studs around the cuffs to jazz it up a little. I can't resist a little DIY lately!

shirt: primark
shorts: h&m
floral bag: topshop
chelsea boots: peacocks

caroline x


  1. Love the shirt and the colors on it!

  2. Love this outfit, uber jealous of your style x

  3. love love love DIY clothing, makes it your own piece and just that little bit different from everyone else :) great post look your outfit! xx

  4. love the shirt, it's gorgeous!
    And the little studs you put around the cuffs are so cute :)
    - Dara x

  5. thanks guys :D it was only £12 as well!! bargain!! :) xx

  6. Primark are so stepping up their game! Love the studs you've added too, really nice against the girly floral.

  7. That shirt is adorable! Gorgeous Outfit. xx


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