DIY customised button pins!

who said organising was dull? I love writing lists, plus I have a secret love for cork boards! a while back I customised my cheap and cheerful cork board with polka dot fabric and now I have another idea to brighten up your organisational wall!

this is a super simple little craft project! making your own drawing pins with old buttons is easy, quick and looks so damn cute!

take a flat top drawing pin and add some glue (if you have a glue gun this would be perfect) otherwise use good old superglue!

place your button onto the glue and hold firmly to secure the bond!

once dry you have a pretty collection of pins to start using on your cork boards!

I love mine, hope you do too! 

happy pinning....

caroline x


  1. This is amazing!!
    The scary thing is I've just de-clutted my cork board in my office and thought it looked so dull now and empty.
    I'm on this definately.
    Thanks for the inspiration.


  2. I love this DIY! You come up with the best ideas! xxx

  3. Omg this is amazing! I am useless at crafty things but this sounds like one I could actually tackle lol! :) xx

  4. That is adorable! I love little things like this sooo cute! You have a great blog :-) xx

  5. I love this. In fact I love every post but I feel super clingy saying it. At the moment I've got some butterfly drawing pins from Paperchase but they're no where near as nice of these, I want to make them nooowwwww xxxx

  6. So cute. What a great idea. I always thought the plain push pins were so ugly.

  7. Can't believe I never thought of this, definitely going to do this to jazz up my pinboard x

  8. :D so glad you guys like it! I'm going to get a bigger cork board and make even more :) xxx



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