home crafts competition! DIY rope bowl:

I've been working on a little project that I wanted to share with you guys! I'm not the most competitive person but when I was asked if I wanted to take part in a craft competition I jumped at the chance! 

home crafts supply all kinds of lovely art and craft material and they offered to send ten bloggers a selection of yarn and wool to play with... the rest was up to us!

I wasn't sure what to expect but when my parcel arrived I was super excited! inside was a collection of wool and the most beautiful rainbow sari yarn I have ever seen (I'm actually in love with this stuff!)

I wanted to create something that didn't involve knitting and would be easier for non crafters to try.

so here it is... a rope bowl! sound crazy? aha maybe, but to my delight it actually worked!

here's how I did it!

before you begin, take a bowl and cover it with clingfilm, if you have some vaseline wipe a little over the clingfilm, it will prevent the wool from sticking. (this bowl is your template and holds everything in place while it drys!)

now the fun part! you need watered down pva glue (two parts pva to one part water) now quite simply dip your wool into the pva and squeeze off the excess! turn your bowl upside down and start to wrap your pva soaked wool all around it (I started at the base of the bowl and worked my way wrapping down.)

it's messy but ridiculously fun! once the bowl is fully covered with string leave to dry, I left mine for 48hrs after which it was rock solid! when I finally slid off the bowl I was delighted to find the string had not only set but was really sturdy! 

I love it! what do you think....? 

PS: there's lots of things you can use wool, string or yarn to decorate! I made a few little things with the remaining materials I had left over:

 notebooks, simply wrap yarn around the existing cover!

empty glass jars, another victim of my new wrapping obsession! 

I hope this has given you some ideas for future projects! I really recommend the pva rope bowl, it's a really fun afternoon project to do with children (or big kids like me!)

caroline x


  1. Your so creative I love it! Super cute you shold start selling little things like this when your make them :) xx

  2. That is so cute and what fantastic colours! Good job:)

  3. What a fun contest! I love what you did with the pretty yarn :)

  4. I'm still shocked the pva glue worked! it's really fun I was peeling the stuff off my fingers all day :) xx



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