DIY floral rose nail art:

yep I've been painting again! I'm pleased to report this style is easier than the paisley nails I posted in my instagram round up yesterday! I took some photos as I painted so you could see how it's done! having a good nail art pen makes all the difference and since I discovered the models own pens I've used them religiously. 

so start with a white base for this look, pick two colours, these will be your roses (I used models own pastel pink and lilac dream.) lightly draw on large dots, leave to dry.

then I dipped the end of a hair grip into barry m spring green polish which I used to dot on some leaves.

once dry use your nail pen to roughly outline the pink and purple roses.

finish my adding small stokes to suggest rose petals inside the outline. seal with topcoat and you're done! 

hope you like it!

caroline x


  1. Gorgeous, really need to try this soon:)

  2. These are amazing!! You must have such a steady hand! x

  3. Going to try this out after I try ombre nails :) x

  4. These nails are awesome - I love the whole Cath Kidston floral look :) And I like that you did step-by-step pictures too!


  5. Wow they look amazing! You make them look soo easy to do :) love your blog so cute, followed too! Check out mine xx

  6. Will have to try these soon!

  7. thanks ladies! so happy your going to try them :D xxx

  8. I love them!You're so good!
    I like each post here.Soooooo I awarded you on my blog...nothing special,just to let you know that you rocks (:

  9. nails are really pretty x



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