DIY craft project! pincushion kilner jars:

this is a quick and easy little project if you have half an hour to play with! I came across it on pinterest and did this while sunbathing in the garden (productive tanning!)

you only need a few items, some fabric remnants, cotton wool balls, glue, card, and a glass screw top kilner jam jar (these are available in the baking department of craft stores like hobbycraft or dunelm)

remove the kilner lid, its in two parts! draw around some fabric using the lid as a guide, cut the fabric diameter about 1-2 inches larger than the lid.

place the fabric circle pattern facing downwards, sandwich a small handful of cotton balls between the lid and the fabric. push through the inside hole of the screw top part of the lid. trim and glue down the loose fabric edges (a glue gun is the quickest way to do this, I used fabric glue so had to wait for it to dry!)

cut out a circle of card a smidgen smaller than the lid and glue this down inside to cover over the fabric that's showing. now just screw the lid back onto the jar and you're finished! 

you have a cute pincushion lid and can put your thread, ribbons etc inside, it's a really handy little storage jar!

caroline x



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