spring fling: cath kidston nail art:

it's not raining, the sun is out and I'm totally giddy at the prospect of having a bbq this evening!! since the weather has decided to play nice I decided to paint some gorgeous cath kidston nails which are practically begging you to dig out your summer dresses from the depths of your winter wardrobe...

I used my go to pastel pink by models own which is the perfect base colour. I used my trusty pen to draw horizontal lines across my nails and then dabbed on an assortment of greens and pinks to suggest rows of spring flowers.

I need to invest in some dotting tools as I'm currently dipping sewing needles into my polish to dot patterns at the minute aha!

I hope you like them!

happy tuesday... hope you're all enjoying the glorious sunshine while it lasts!

caroline x


  1. this is so cute, really want to try this out! Great post :) x

  2. You have such patience, cause that is really cool!

  3. You're insanely talented x

  4. Your nails always look bloody amazing!! Definitely going to try this. x

  5. One word - WOW! These are insaaaanely good :O xx

  6. I love this! I need to try it out!

    Are you going to post a tutorial on this or anything?

  7. These are so pretty, gah wish I was good at nail art :( X

  8. you have a true talent! If it was ever possible, I would love a tutorial! have you ever been to thebeautydepartment.com ? its lauren conrads site & it just reminds me of your blog to no end! you may or may not know who she is because your from the uk i am not sure how famous she is in other country's but if you have never heard of the site, you should check it out! you would love it. anyways, I really love the blog! I found you from hello cotton by the way! have a great day!

    1. oh wow I know Lauren! I loved laguna and the hills aha! I just had a look, wow what an excellent site!!! it's given me no end of ideas for new nails!!! thanks you!! :D xxx



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