arrowhead nail art tutorial:

this is a really fun nail art design that I tried this week, it actually looks better in person than in the photos!
I love my arrowhead necklaces and had to try this look out when I saw it.

first you need to pick out four polish colours that you like. these are the base of the design.

paint two base colours on alternate nails as shown in the first picture, I used lilac and pink. 

once dry take a third colour, I paired grey with the pink and just freehand painted over half the pink nails. then take your fourth colour and do the same on the alternate fingers, I teamed green with the lilac.

once dry use a nail art pen (or maybe a sharpie if you don't have one) to draw a boarder line that divides the colours in half (as I shown in the last picture)

when this is dry simple paint on a few diagonal lines either side of the black line and you're all done!

caroline x



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